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Impression of IUD on pelvic MRI- but iud removed 18 months ago?

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Trickymiss14 Tue 14-Nov-17 22:34:59

Hi all

A bit random

But after 2 HSG's I was sent for an MRI as it was thought I only had half a uterus. The MRI revealed a bicornuate uterus, a single kidney (left- often associated with mullarian abnormalities) and a liver lesion (random and unexpected) but most confusing of all the report stated that 'an impression of an IUD coil was seen in the right horn of the uterus' but I had my coil removed 18 months ago. Does this mean they didn't remove it? Or that it may have damaged the right side (also the side that wouldn't fill in either HSG) of my uterus? It was my GP who read me the report and couldn't interpret it and the dr who did my HSG isn't technically the person who referred me for the MRI as he reported back to gynae who hadn't even looked at my report but will apparently now write to me 'in due course'!!! Anyone had any similar experiences? Help!!

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