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Implantation Clinic - Coventry

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notpastaagain Tue 14-Nov-17 20:39:06

After a few miscarriages following IVF, my consultant has referred me to Professor Siobhan Quenby at The Implantation Clinic at the Biomedical Research Unit in Reproductive Health (based at University Hospital Coventry and Warwick). My understanding is that this is to investigate whether I have too many uterine Natural Killer cells (uNK) in my womb lining.

I was wondering if any one else has had any experience of this they could share? The test is £360 and I think we've decided to go ahead with the test before trying our final frozen transfer, but would like to hear how it's gone for anyone else, if possible.

ourstar Wed 14-Mar-18 21:41:27

Hi. It''s been a while since you posted. How did you get on? I had my first biopsy last week following the stillbirth of my daughter at 38 weeks and x3 early losses. Still unsure if I want to go back for another.

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