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Tonight was hard

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PhDPepper Sun 12-Nov-17 01:37:38

We went out to see friends tonight at a party. We knew there would be children there but I think we were thinking they might have gone to bed by the time we got there.

We’re having a really shite time at the moment. Molar Pregnancy earlier this year, chemotherapy required to get my hcg levels down. No period since the D&C in March.

There are no explanations for why I’ve had no periods- ‘it’s just one of those things, come back when it’s been a year and we’ll do tests’ so we’ve had the amazing feeling of knowing we were going to be parents and then not anymore or ever had been hmm.

Anyway! The 4 and 5 year olds were awake when we got to the party, there was a very squishy 8 week old baby that was very cute and the hosts announced they were pregnant. We ended up being the only childless couple there... it was so hard.

I’m so happy for them but I’m sad it’s not me and angry with my body that it’s not fucking working properly. sad

Butterymuffin Sun 12-Nov-17 02:04:08

That sounds very hard to get through. flowers Hope things look up for you.

PhDPepper Sun 12-Nov-17 02:07:36

Thank you. I’m just having a pity party tonight! I hope our friends didn’t notice how hard it was for us.

isthismummy Sun 12-Nov-17 08:24:00

Bless you OP. That's pretty rubbishflowers You should both be proud you didn't run out screaming.

I hope you feel better soon and hope your periods come back soon.

sashimiyummies Sun 12-Nov-17 10:05:23

That's really tough flowers

meadowlark3 Sun 12-Nov-17 11:15:56

That's really awful Dr Pepper, I'm so sorry flowers I've been told if you've gone more than three months without a bleed you should have some testing done. I hope you're able to push for a referral. x

EarlGreyT Sun 12-Nov-17 11:32:32

Oh, that’s shite. I think most of us here been in similar situations and had a pity party at one time or another. You’re right-it’s so hard and hurtful and you should feel proud that you didn’t run out either screaming or in tears.

clairettc Sun 12-Nov-17 21:40:17

That’s super super shit. I’m sorry.

As poster above says if you haven’t had a period for more than 3 months the gp should do some basic tests x

MollyHuaCha Sun 12-Nov-17 21:45:04

Lousy for you. Sounds as though you are doing brilliantly at coping with a really difficult time. I feel humbled by your strength.

SchnitzelVonCrummsTum Sun 12-Nov-17 21:56:46

That sounds absolutely awful. I'm so sorry. Well done for just getting through it at all.

Re: the period, after my first D&C I didn't bleed for about 5 months and my GP was awful. I used norethisterone to induce a bleed. It's a synthetic progesterone - you take it for about 10 days then stop, and the sudden drop in progesterone mimics the end of your luteal phase. Bleeding comes within 14 days of stopping.

It is used to induce bleeds for IUI / IVF cycles but also used by women who want to postpone their periods e.g. for a holiday (I know that's exactly the opposite of what you need, but you can see how adding extra progesterone at the end of the luteal phase would have that effect too, holding the period off until the tablets were stopped). It's something to ask your GP about at any rate.

Last time I used it to postpone my period, I ended up getting it prescribed to me online as it's one of those medications that you can get direct from UK internet pharmacies (not the dodgy kind, I mean the registered ones with CQC regulation!).

Obviously in your case would be far better to get via your GP but I wanted to at least mention the name of the medication as it seemed to solve the problem for me without the need for further testing.

SchnitzelVonCrummsTum Sun 12-Nov-17 21:58:16

I should add, obviously doesn't work for everyone and don't mean to imply that it's a quick fix.

PhDPepper Sun 12-Nov-17 22:36:03

@SchnitzelVonCrummsTum wow thank you I didn’t know about that drug im off to google!

SchnitzelVonCrummsTum Sun 12-Nov-17 22:44:43

I think there's also some mumsnet threads about it - some from women trying to postpone periods, some from those trying to start them.

SugarMiceInTheRain Mon 13-Nov-17 08:32:19

Sounds like a really tough night. Well done on not screaming! I was given norethisterone to induce bleeding in order to start Clomid. I started within a few days of stopping the norethisterone.

Shiela2017 Mon 13-Nov-17 19:26:24

Oh it's so hard isn't! I've had a year of it too with an ectopic, friends all having babies around me. I feel so uncomfortable around babies and people discussing babies.... sending hugs to you 🌸

Jamon Mon 13-Nov-17 19:40:50

I’m so sorry, that sounds incredibly hard and you are very strong and thoughtful to go along at all when you’re going through such a difficult time. Give yourself a pat on the back.

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