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Can't stand it anymore

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Andromeida29 Thu 09-Nov-17 11:45:07

A friend has just announced their pregnancy on social media and my FB is full of announcements etc. And I can't stand it anymore. I don't begrudge anyone and I'm happy for them but I'm so desperate for it to be our turn. Just sat here in tears.

isthismummy Thu 09-Nov-17 17:08:45

It's the shittiest feeling OP. I think we've all been there on this board.

Have some flowers and some wine from me.

physicskate Thu 09-Nov-17 18:39:04

It sucks. I stay of facebook nowadays as it just dredges up sad feelings.

clairettc Thu 09-Nov-17 19:02:48

Found out this week we def need IVF and then got completely baby bombed this afternoon and spent 3 hours listening to my excited friend talk about her pregnancy.

It’s so so shit!

Andromeida29 Thu 09-Nov-17 20:57:18

Just want to thank you for the replies. I know I'm not alone but sending my love out to you all. Xx

cherryontopp Fri 10-Nov-17 11:23:33

flowersI unfollowed anyone who got pregnant and would get so angry and bitter at each announcement.
Had to look people up and follow them again once I got pregnant via IVF nearly 6 month ago. I put one announcement up at 20 weeks to say in pregnant and that's it. Wouldn't want to rub it in incase someone else on my Facebook is struggling.

It's shit, I hope its your turn soon.

ohbigdaddio Fri 10-Nov-17 17:33:50

This sucks big time! I have avoided Instagram (don't do FB!) since 3 friends have given birth. Cannot bear it. So painful seeing captions like 'Our new family', it kills me! Totally get where you're coming from.
I keep trying to think that phrase "I don't want their baby/that's not our baby" to make myself feel better. Doesn't always work though!

The only thing to say is one day hopefully we will be the ones posting our happy news (and probably in a more low key way as we will be hyper aware that there will be those who are struggling.)

cannonball8726 Fri 10-Nov-17 19:30:39

I feel you, guys. I just keep a low profile on social media now. It's too painful. My mental health is far better for it!

ShowgirlnamedLola Fri 10-Nov-17 20:11:38

My advice is to protect yourself and stay off social media for now: it’s full of only the happy shiny parts of life, which can be depressing if you’re having a bad time. I got pg after four rounds of ivf and I’m now on pregnancy number two and still feel nervous telling people as you just don’t know what’s going on with people. I loathe FB pregnancy announcements even now...

peachesarenom Fri 10-Nov-17 20:45:35

I personally can't stand it. I feel stuck.

meadowlark3 Fri 10-Nov-17 21:19:10

I'm sorry, it's absolute shit. One of my colleagues who'd only been back from her second mat leave for a few months announced another pregnancy the day I came back from another miscarriage. "I've only had sex three times in five years, don't know how it happened," she said before complaining about having three under five.
I agree staying off social media is good for your heart.
Sending a big hug x

DaisyLouB Sat 11-Nov-17 00:11:48

After 3 miscarriages I didn’t want to put anything up in Facebook. Even now I don’t want to put anything up and my children are 7 and 4. Facebook is a place for vain narcissists. Keep your private life to yourself and close family/friends or just to your self ☺️

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