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2 ww anyone?

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Ging78 Wed 08-Nov-17 12:04:42


I've just had my first frozen embryo transfer so I'm testing on the 19th. Our fresh cycle failed a couple on months ago. They transferred a 4aa this time.

Anyone else on the dreaded 2ww and want to chat?

Ging x

Blondiecub0109 Wed 15-Nov-17 08:53:55

Hi I didnt want to read and run as no one else had replied. I had (1st) 5 day fresh transfer on 04/11 and am due to test on 19/11. Unfortunately I bled from Friday eve until yesterday so I have lost hope. I hope you are keeping well and I have my fingers crossed for you. If you feel able too, I like to hear about your experience of FET after an unsuccessful fresh transfer, as right now I am really scared about what comes ( I don’t understand why I bled despite progesterone support, and our clinic won’t talk to me until I take the test) . Lots of best wishes to you

Ging78 Wed 15-Nov-17 12:33:08

Hi thanks for replying.

You might still get your good news. My acupuncturist assured me there could be bleeding. Fingers crossed!!!

Am going mad in the 2ww it's harder the second time.

There is another 2ww thread that I've joined here.


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