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TTC for 3 years

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Emily100889 Tue 07-Nov-17 21:20:16

Hi ladies,
I'm brand new on here...but after TTC for 3 years I'm at a loss so a friend recommended this site!

A little background..I'm 28 and came off the pill 3 years ago after 10 years. Periods came back last August (so a year and 3 months ago) and have been trying since then.
I have had all bloods checked, all seem ok, hubby's sperm is fine...and for the first time this month my ovulation has shown on a stick...currently 7dpo with everything crossed. Ovulation has also been tracked by bloods and dr says I am ovulating just maybe not every cycle.
We are currently seeing a fertility specialist and my next step is a HyCoSy tube check for blockages. I have never been pregnant...don't even feel close to it...just a big fat ZILCH!

Does anyone have similar stories?
Also, what have people experienced as first Symptoms? Every month I analyse everything and cause my period to be a few days late with stressing I think!

Thanks to all xxx

DontCareBear Wed 08-Nov-17 01:15:06

Hi Emily - im in kinda the same boat. TTC for 2 years now with no luck. Had all my tests done and apparently everything is normal. Husbands sperm is fine too. I thought maybe i wasnt ovulating but apparently i am according to a reading of 17 for progesterone im my blood ( although i think this might still be a problem as some posts talk about 30 being a minimum level to show ovulation occurred). It was the fertility specialist that did my test and said i cant have clomid so a bit frustrating as i hear so many success stories re. clomid. But they must know what they are talking about so me and my husband just have to keep trying i suppose.

Never fallrn pregnant as far as i am aware. I thought maybe one time a year ago i might have. Only because i had a strange fluttering in my womb area that i had never felt before but because i didnt want to get my hopes up i told myself it was nothing and went to a high intensity circuit class in the gym. Next day af arrived and to this day i just hope i didnt accidentally causd a mc :-(

My opks i find are too difficult to read. Always came back negative with the digital ones and with the cheap tesco ones i feel like i am seeing darker lines than are really there. It is very frustrating this ttc. I have now just decided to assume it might not happen for me and if it does its a pleasant surprise. I couldnt deal with the disappointment if i got my hopes up every month only for af to show up. I dont even bother with pregancy tests when im late.

Sorry didnt mean for it to be a downer. Just an honest response to your thread. I still think there is hope though and it might happen for us as others talk about trying for 8 years and then falling pregnant!

Lots of baby dust to both of us. Hopefully we will get our miracle soon 😊

Emily100889 Wed 08-Nov-17 06:34:21

Sounds like we are in really similar situations! I also asked for Clomid as my mum was given Clomid to conceive my brother and I but I was told no by the fertility specialist. In fact he said, "you and your husband are confusing me, I don't know why you aren't pregnant and I think you will be before Xmas" this was at our last appointment 3 weeks ago. But I'm still not confusedSo Iv booked in for a private HyCoSy as ye NHS waiting list is 6 months. Have you had this done?

Also, you said about the gym. See I'm a bit of a fitness freak...gym every day kinda girl...and a stressed year 6 teacher so I don't know if these things have an impact?! I have cut the gym right down and am eating more because was BMI was on the low-ish side!
Sending my best wishes back to you

cherryontopp Wed 08-Nov-17 11:35:04

Hi OP.

A year and a half is a long time for your periods to come back. My periods were a bit erratic when i came off the pill, some cycles were 6 weeks and some normal.

I had a hycosy test and then Clomid privately, all the while I was on the NHS waiting list. By the time my appointment came with the NHS, I told them I had done my hycosy test, and tried Clomid.
They immediately put me on the IVF waiting list and the 7 months later I done my IVF.

Your entitled to fertility treatment after 2 years of trying without success.

Good luck OP

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