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Prozac and clomid is it ok together

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Sarah1087 Tue 07-Nov-17 08:50:41

Hi I still cannot reach my fertility doctor.

I suffer with pmdd and this month is an all time low for me, I feel at a loose end and I need help to stop this taking over my life every month

I'm due to start clomid in 3 days after a lap for endo and lap and dye, although I dont even feel like af is coming.
I saw my doctor last week and broke down he said there is a small risk but he is happy to prescribe them me seeing how upset I was? If people don't know about pmdd it's an extreme version of pms and can make one feel suicidal again why I've hit an all time low,
Although I keep telling myself it is not me and as soon as af comes I'll be fine I just cannot cope like this every month

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