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Gonal F for OI... Help, advice, experiences and success stories

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Saz444 Mon 06-Nov-17 15:27:08

Hi there, I am just looking for company from people who know about Ovulation Induction from injectables. I am on my first round of Ovulation Induction using Gonal F (75mg) once a day. I am currently on CD6, will do 6th injection tonight and went for first appointment yesterday. They only took my blood, after 4 shots and said it was too early for ultrasound. I called for results today and told to continue on this dose until Thursday and come in then for more bloods and US, this will be CD9 and I'll have had 8 injections.
Im worried this isn't normal and I should be being scanned more. Can anyone share their experiences of scans and dose? So u think it's okay that I'm not having to go back until cycle day 9? Just feeling very alone in it all and can't find much about ovulation induction with injectables online. There's so much about clomid and ivf but not much in the middle... Any help, advice, success stories, experiences would be appreciated...

Helshar Wed 20-Dec-17 08:56:49

Hi - I did OI with Gonal-f - also struggled to find information about it when I started. My doctors called it ovulation induction/egg stimulation and for me it wasn’t a treatment for PCOS but for being older (42) and having few eggs each month and trying to stimulate more to maximise chances of finding a good one. Anyway. It worked for me on second cycle. I only had two follicles, the nurse was disappointed with how slowly they grew (only 11mm by day 11) but one took hold and I am now waiting for my baby to arrive (due date was Monday). I think I always had my first scan the last day of my period which showed how many follicles were there and from that they’d prescribe the dose of final-f and give me the injection led and I’d start injecting. First time they saw 5 follicles, second time only 2. Both times I was injecting 75ml of gonal-f And second scan was about a week later so Day 8/9. Then scans every 2-3 days until follicles were big enough to trigger which I think was over 18mm.
How are you getting on now?

Helshar Wed 20-Dec-17 08:59:01

PS this was not NHS but private.

snowy1982 Wed 20-Dec-17 15:39:45

Ok, so I have been on gonal f (for IUI not OI but obvs most of process is the same) and my dose was 50 a day. I would go for baseline scan anywhere between day 3 and 5 (usually day 4) and would then be instructed to start injections. I would then go back for a follow up scan a week later. So although I won’t have had as many injections as you, not starting as early in the cycle, but my scan would be on a later on in the cycle

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