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Donor egg success stories please

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Mandy002 Sun 05-Nov-17 12:13:28

Hi all,
I'm new to mumsnet and am about to start a DE IVF cycle in Greece in the new year. I'm 39 at the moment but 40 is fast approaching. I have had 3 goes at IVF...1st - got 2 eggs both fertilised, one normally and was put back at day three- BFN. Then 2 more cycles cancelled due to a poor response to the meds and only 1 follicle. So that brings me to DE cycle. I would really love to hear your stories both positive and not so much...especially if you had DE IVF abroad as I'm trying to be sensible, realistic and hopeful all at the same time and finding it hard.
Mandy x

Boopear Sun 05-Nov-17 12:19:52

No personal experience but lots of friends who have had successful DE pregnancies. None in Greece, but Spain, Czech Rep and South Africa. Everyone I know who has had it has been successful (6 pregnancies in total) - not nesc on the first round but second round at worst. All the mums were over 40. One word of caution - of the 6 pregnancies, 4 resulted in twins shock best of luck!

Mandy002 Sun 05-Nov-17 12:48:30

Thanks for your post boopear. Lovely to hear that thank you. Thanks for the warning too. I’m trying to figure out best plan as far as getting one or two put back because of the chance of twins and being a single parent.

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