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Natural remedies for PCOS? Vitex, cinnamon etc?

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Elle9505 Sat 04-Nov-17 20:26:31

Happy Saturday everyone☺️
Before anyone suggests medical intervention, I'm trying different routes first.
I'm 23 and just been diagnosed with PCOS and we're ttc. Because of my age and after a discussion with my Dr, I'm trying a lifestyle change to try bring back my periods and see if I can ovulate on my own etc
I'm not overweight technically but have put on about 20lbs in the past year which I'm trying to shed.
(Along with me following a PCOS diet and exercise.) Has anyone tried or can suggest any remedies that have helped them bring back some kind of regularity with their cycle? I'm open to any suggestions
Thank you!

RavingRoo Sun 05-Nov-17 22:39:09

Exercise and weight loss is the only thing that works consistantly to keep my cycles regular. I have severe pcos, have always walked consistantly over 10k steps per day and my cycles have always been fairly regular (not on the dot, but within a week) provided I am on a normal BMI.

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 06-Nov-17 07:11:14

Following a low GI/GL eating plan can help with PCOS and it is sustainable. That and exercise.

Unfortunately there is no one therapy or treatment that will eradicate PCOS for good so if you are ttc I would consider going down the medical route sooner rather than later.

motherchuckinhen16 Mon 06-Nov-17 09:03:06

Inofolic is fantastic for pcos. I also follow gluten free sugar free and no processed food diet as much as possible.

CheeseFlavouredDiscs Mon 06-Nov-17 09:27:20

The best way i found was to go as close to zero carbs, zero sugar as possible. Typically PCOS sufferers have developed an insensitivity to insulin and the body has to produce more insulin to break down the sugars/carbs in our diet. This then disrupts the hormone balance in the body, causing the symptoms typically seen in PCOS. It is very hard to sustain a zero sugar/carbs diet so low GI and low sugar is a good alternative. You also need to lose weight, and this is typically the most effective diet for PCOS sufferers. Moderate aerobic exercise, such as swimming, speed walking, hiking, will also help. Good luck!

PS: if you are still struggling with PCOS after all this I can also recommend taking Metformin, as it helps re-sensitise your body to insulin, and will help assist you with losing weight and bringing back your periods.

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