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Not sure how to feel

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November2017 Thu 02-Nov-17 18:43:34

(Have NC).

I am 46, DW is 43. We have DD(10) but really want another DC. Have tried for a few years with little success.

Had a clinic appointment (private) the other day.
It seems that DW has few eggs left - more like a 48 year old.

Options would be:
Donor Egg (going to Spain etc)
Attempting with own egg - but probably unlikely
or - returning to think about adoption which we did a year ago.

DW not keen on donor egg (and I can see where she is coming from).

I suppose, in a way, I am grieving for the passage of time, and struggling to look forward.

I know this will seem selfish to those with no children (and I do feel for anyone in that situation), but I still feel a bit bewildered.

cherryontopp Fri 03-Nov-17 11:20:56

flowerssorry about this OP.

If you really want the best chance, donor eggs would be the route tbh. There's also less chance of chromosomal abnormalities with younger eggs.

Or if you don't think you can both can go through it, then I would think about adoption fostering. Each to their own but I'm 29 and I'm finding it exhausting, I couldn't imagine doing it all at 46. But if it's what your wife wants, Then go for it with donor eggs.

Justbookedasummmerholiday Fri 03-Nov-17 11:28:37

Watched a documentary once where it proved donor egg dc do actually carry traits of the carrier dm. Very interesting programme. Changed my views on using donor eggs!! Maybe worth some research before dismissing the idea?

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