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Clomid whilst taking fluoxetine ( Prozac )

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Sarah1087 Thu 02-Nov-17 18:22:05

Hi ladies 💐

I need advise please on fluoxetine ( prozac )

A week leading up to af I have extreme PMS or If anyone has heard of it.. I suffer with PMDD which is an awful illness it becomes unbearable and takes over your life, only to come to an end when af arrives.
This last few months I have not been able to mentally cope with the symptoms, myself and my partner have been to see my Dr tonight who has been fantastic listening to us.
He wants me to start on fluoxetine 1 a day and says it will help me no doubt. He knows I have recently had a lap & dye and lap to remove endometriosis, and is aware that i am a week away to start clomid. He has looked on his computer and in his book, and says it wouldn't interfere with clomid but it does along with other antidepressants have a small risk with pregnancy.
He has given me a repeat prescription and told me to go away and think about it. I told him I will be ringing my fertility doctor tomorrow to ask his advise.
I am not taken it for the first 2 rounds of clomid that is my own decision.
If my dr says it will be safe then I will, obviously if it outweighs the positive I won't take at all, and I'll pray to be pregnant soon as that will cure my pmdd until after pregnancy when then I can start treatment to handle these episodes.
It's a vicious circle and I hate the way I feel near start of a cycle
Sorry for the huge post, I was wondering if anyone had taken this with clomid or pregnancy alone.
💜 good luck to you all too xx

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