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Hysterescopy - experiences and tips?

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SydBound27 Wed 01-Nov-17 01:21:37

Hi ladies Im due to go for a hysterescopy on Monday, for suspected endometriosis, and to remove a uterine polyp plus flush out the tubes. It's keyhole surgery so hopefully a swift recovery but any tips for prep, recovery and ttc afterwards greatly appreciated!


isthismummy Wed 01-Nov-17 07:55:14


I had a Hysteroscopy in July at Serum in Athens. Are you being sedated for yours? I was given a general anaesthetic, so didn't know or feel a thing! I just stayed at hospital for a few hours after and then left.

It was definitely uncomfortable for about a week after. I had a septum and a lot of scarring removed though. I had to take antibiotics after and a few others meds as well. Serum love giving as many meds as humanly possible though. Your experience may be different.

I couldn't have sex for ten days after, or swim/go in the bath. I was told it was fine to start ttc again after that though. It did totally mess up my periods. I then didn't have one for 90 days. I have POF though, so I'm far from a typical example. Most of the women I spoke to said they had a slight delay in their period.

It's a really straightforward op and I'm sure you will be finesmile Good luck.

SydBound27 Wed 01-Nov-17 08:05:14

Thank you! I'm having mine at a private clinic in Sydney. Did you do anything to reduce pain afterwards etc? Thanks again!

Ingurr Wed 01-Nov-17 08:16:52

I didn't have any pain with mine, had it on a Friday but I could easily have gone back to work the next day. Mine was with a light general anaesthetic and I was awake 45 minutes after going down to theatre. No side effects from anaesthetic either.

gleerocks123 Wed 01-Nov-17 08:37:50

I didn't have pain after mine - a bit uncomfortable for a day but no pain. My acupuncturist suggested taking arnica to help with any bruising, so that may have helped.

SydBound27 Wed 01-Nov-17 09:00:11

Thanks ladies hopefully limited pain for me too - trying to gauge whether ill be up to working from home two days afterwards and it sounds like a maybe. I'll be sedated for it.

Arnica is a good shout

nicolajimmy Sun 19-Nov-17 02:55:04

Hello, sydbound, I would like to suggest that don’t take the stress. Stay positive. Keep your diet healthy. Ttc afterward might be possible, you must consult this issue with 2 fertility specialists. You must have known about the fertility procedures. You will be in the best health soon.

SeaToSki Sun 19-Nov-17 04:00:45

I had a lot of shoulder pain afterwards, but heating packs helped a lot. Its something to do with the gas they inflate you with. Are you sure they can see endometriosis with just a hysteroscopy though, they had to do a laporoscopy on me to see it. But I am in the US and the terms might be different. Here hysteroscopy is looking inside the uterus only, laproscopy is inside the abdomen but outside the uterus and they go in through insicions in the atomach wall (versus up the vagina)

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