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Positive Ovulation Tests for 5 Days!

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JessicaJones1 Wed 25-Oct-17 13:33:08

Hey everyone

6 weeks ago I had an op to remove our foetus/baby after the heartbeat stopped at 8.5 weeks. Following the op I bled quite heavily for 4 weeks. Then it stopped and I've just started getting positive ovulation tests again. I now realise that the during week 4 of bleeding I must have been having a period on top of the miscarriage.

What's crazy is that I've had very strong positive ovulation tests on Clearblue and cheap Amazon tests for the past 5 days and it's not showing any sign of slowing down! What on earth is going on? I've never seen anything like it. I usually get 1 or 2 positive tests in a cycle.

Following the miscarriage, I took pregnancy tests to check that all the pregnancy hormones had gone and these started coming up negative a good few weeks ago. So it's definitely not that. I also took another one yesterday just to be sure and it was a big fat negative.

Has anyone else ever had this? Is this some kind of super ovulation?

Jess. xx

Polly99 Thu 26-Oct-17 20:31:49

I’d guess that your body is a bit out of whack and trying to ovulate but not quite managing it.
OPKs identify the hormonal surge preceding ovulation but don’t confirm that it is happening or has happened.
In most cycles, there is really no need to take any more OPKs once you have had a positive- ovulation will normally follow within 48 hours. But after a MC, your body can take a bit of time to get back to normal.
I hope it works out for you soon.

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