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Positive opk?

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Hope24 Tue 24-Oct-17 11:15:35

Hi guys,

Hope everyone is well and staying somewhat sane through ttc journey!

So I'm on my first cycle of clomid (pcos) and I've been told to use opks(?). On day 12 of my cycle, I went in for a monitoring scan which showed a 13mm follicle. Nurse said i need to come in for another scan as it was too early to tell. I went in for another scan on Monday and the nurse thought she could see a corpus luteum, so she thinks I may have already ovulated but is not sure. I'm going in for a day 21 blood test on Friday. But I have been using opks for the past few days and today I got what looks like a positive. Is it still possible to get a positive opk after ovulation? I've attached a pic of the opk, because I am not sure if it is a positive?

Thanks in advance 😊

clairettc Tue 24-Oct-17 20:29:56

I find these opks really hard to use. It looks positive to me.... if I were you I’d use the clear blue ones next cycle - they’re much much clearer but even with them I’ve had an odd result! Unfortunately not an exact science!

I don’t think they’d come up positive after ovulation but more guessing on that! Good luck!

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