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Secondary Amenorrhea

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Popcorn15 Mon 23-Oct-17 22:22:34

Good evening ladies 😊

I wonder if any of you can offer me any advice or support...

I have been diagnosed with PCOS and have been referred to the fertility clinic. I’ve had an external and internal ulstrasound scan to confirm. At my consultation appointment at the clinic they took my height, bmi, blood tests and swab for chlamydia. DH was sent for SA test. Now waiting to be called back to discuss results and next steps.

In addition to the PCOS I have secondary Amenorrhea (absence of menstrual bleeding in a woman who had been menstruating but later stops menstruating for three or more months in the absence of pregnancy, lactation, contraceptive pills, or menopause). I haven’t had a period since August 2016 (14 months ago) when I stopped BC which I had been on for a decade. I have changed my diet and reduced sugar levels etc. I do get occasional infrequent spotting for a few days but nothing materialises into a full AF. I’ve tried Angus castus, inositol etc.

What I wanted to know is if any one else has gone without a period for this length of time? And if so what treatment was recommended for you by the fertility clinic? I would love to give Clomid a go but I am worried that the clinic may suggest going straight to IVF.

Hoping for some positive vibes!


JoJoSM2 Tue 24-Oct-17 07:09:07

I haven't got PCOS but I doubt they'd suggest IVF straight away - it's a lot more expensive and also more risky with PCOS (OHSS). If your DH has normal semen parameters it would make sense to try to get you to ovulate, e.g. with Clomid.

Other things might work too, though. For example, one of my friends has PCOS and would go on for months without periods. She got put on Metformin (I think that's a diabetes drug) and got her periods back.

Popcorn15 Tue 24-Oct-17 17:50:18

Thank so much for your reply @JoJoSM2.

I hear a lot of good things from ladies on MN who get prescribed metformin maybe that will be the next step?

Any other ladies out there who have not had a bleed in 14m plus with any encouragement for me?


ronniemipperton Fri 27-Oct-17 06:28:23

Sorry to hear this, I know how frustrating it is.

I came off the pill in September 2014 and have only just started having anything like vaguely regular periods - I had three over two and a half years, with just huge gaps in between.

For me it seems to have been overexercising. Although I wasn’t underweight I was doing quite a bit of cycling and running. I didn’t think it was anywhere near enough to have an impact but a consultant advised me to try giving up exercise and it does seem to be working - I’ve now had three cycles of between 31 and 37 days.

Obviously this may not be relevant to you but wanted to post as they can and do come back after that long! And do look at lifestyle stuff in case anything might be affecting it.

Good luck.

Popcorn15 Fri 27-Oct-17 21:07:54

Thanks so much for replying ronniemipperton

Unfortunately I can’t attribute my lack of AF to exercise as apart from walking my dog everyday I do no other exercise lol. I wish I was a bit more fit haha. I’m a normal BMI though so don’t think it’s exercise or weight related. Have you been prescribed any meds to help you TTC?

Just feel a bit lost and a bit of a failure to be honest that I can’t even have a period. Looking forward to my review appointment though don’t know when it’ll be- hopefully before Christmas 🎄🤞🏻

P x

MermaidTail7 Fri 27-Oct-17 23:32:31

Hi popcorn... I came off the pill to TTC last August after 15+ years on the pill. Between then and now I've had four 'natural' periods. After numerous tests and scans my DP's sperm was declared 'good', but I was diagnosed with PCOS .. I was put on metformin which resulted in my first 28 day cycle since I came off the pill, but no improvement in ovulation, so I have just started on clomid. Metformin has helped me feel alot more like myself as I struggled with weight gain and bloating almost as soon as I came of the pill (I am pretty active and eat pretty sensibly), but it totally ravaged my digestive system.. I've been told that i won't be considered for IVF until I've had six months on clomid.

Popcorn15 Sat 28-Oct-17 16:42:21

Hi MermaidTail7

Thanks for sharing your story. I hear metformin is meant to work wonders. I’m reassured that you have 6 months of Clomid before they will consider IVF. I suppose what treatment they recommend will depend on DH’s SA - the results of which we get at the next appointment. Just wish it was here so I know what I’m facing if you know what I mean! My ideal scenario would be to receive Clomid before Christmas. I’ve told DH that it’s all I want for Christmas- sad but true (especially with numerous Facebook baby bombs / scam photos / general friends baby photos)...

I have had some spotting in the 14m I’ve been off the pill but absolutely nothing that I would class as AF...

Are you using OPKs to track ovulation now you’ve been prescribed Clomid? Keeping my fingers crossed for you!


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