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Prostap on day 21- FET cycle

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ReginaPhalange5 Fri 20-Oct-17 11:42:34

Hi everyone
Just looking for a bit of advice please. My husband and I have been going through IVF with PGD and are now at the stage where we are preparing for ET. I got a prostap jag on CD21 (last Thursday) and AF has arrived today (this is when she was due anyway). My next appointment for a scan to check the lining is thing and for me to be given tablets and pessaries isn't until 2nd November. I'm just wondering if this is too late after my period? I would think in another two weeks, the lining may not be thin enough anymore but im not sure how important it is at that stage seeing as how they are going to then try to thicken it anyway. Any advice? Thanks all smile

JamMonkey Mon 23-Oct-17 17:20:35

We are undertaking PGD IVF and we had a second ET last week in Guys, The process we have followed regarding the Uterus prep has been to take contraceptive pill non stop for 28days then we crack on.
If you are going to use Supracur to down regulate then that will sort out the thinning of the lining so it doesn't really matter how far past your period you are. We didn't have a scan until two weeks from the start of supercur which was post bleed of approximately a week, the supercur stops ovulation and thins the lining. At this point oestrogen is introduced to start to thicken the lining along with the suprecur for another two weeks. We had a second scan to see if the uterus looked like a coffee bean and is 8mm think we then continued on supercur until 5 days before ET, this is when Progesterone is started.
Both Progesterone and oestrogen continue post ET.

Good Luck we are now 4 days from Test and have everything crossed as we only have one Egg left.

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