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How big does a follicle have to be to be dominant?

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isthismummy Thu 05-Oct-17 20:30:38

I'm so confused.

My clinic advised me to go for an ultrasound yesterday, as I'm now on cd72 with no sign of af! shock

Sonographer saw a follicle of 15mm which she described as dominant. She expressed concern at how thin my lining was (3mm) as she said I was nearing ovulation, but lining too thin for implantation. She advised that I should speak to my clinic about improving my lining.

However when I emailed my clinic they have replied saying my lining is thin because I am nowhere near having my period and I have no dominant follicle on my ovaries.

Surely 15mm would count as dominant? I'm so confused. Any thoughts would be appreciated pleasesmile

DoublyTroubly Thu 05-Oct-17 20:33:48

Yes, I would expect 15mm to count as dominant. Email the clinic back to ask how big a follicle they would expect to see. To be honest, you need to start estrogen immediately if you want any hope of thickening that lining enough

isthismummy Thu 05-Oct-17 20:40:41

Thank you DoublyTroubly Just double checked and it was actually 15x12mm.

Really pretty pissed of right now. Clinics only advice is that I get my bloods retested for peri menopause. My last two sets of bloods have already indicated peri menopause, but Clinic said I wasn't actually peri menopausal?hmm

isthismummy Sat 07-Oct-17 09:31:17

They emailed me back saying a 15x12mm follicle isn't dominantconfused

So confused by my clinic right now. Really alarming to be told totally different things by the "experts"

JoJoSM2 Sat 07-Oct-17 09:54:07

If you’ve got 10 others of similar size, then that’s not ‘dominant’. I’d understand dominant as being significantly bigger that any others.

isthismummy Sat 07-Oct-17 10:46:42

The second biggest was 10mm, so surely that's a noticeable difference? I've even got a picture of the scan and it's clearly twice the size of any of the others. I've got a horribly low follicle count, but sonographer actually counted seven, which is a lot for me. I normally only have three.

I don't want to be an annoying dick who argues against my clinic, but I'm a bit wtf about it allconfused

JoJoSM2 Sat 07-Oct-17 20:32:18

15x12 gives the average of 13.5. If the second biggest is 10mm, then that’s only 3.5mm difference... That’s not that great a diffference, is it? I think they get to 22-26mm before ovulating.

Twickerhun Sun 08-Oct-17 08:53:53

I was told last week that a follicle of 16mm was dominant with a second follicle of 13mm

I think you need to ask for a second opinion. Go back, tell them you are confused

isthismummy Mon 09-Oct-17 08:27:50

They are just telling me that a 15mm follicle isn't dominant?

I'll email them again today and ask what they DO consider a dominant size.

My body isn't working either way really (CD79 now) It's just so depressingsad

Weedance Mon 09-Oct-17 10:30:58

Thats the last thing you need, mixed messages from the clinic!

Most clinics will trigger at 17mm so a follicle of 15mm with other smaller ones would be considered dominant i'd assume. Are you doing a natural or stimulated cycle? If you are stimming then they might want to give the follicle of 10mm a chance to catch up with the 15mm one in the hope of getting 2 eggs. But if the cycle is natural, i'd assume they wouldn't want to miss the dominant follicle and any egg it may contain, as you only ever really expect to get 1 egg per unmedicated cycle anyway. Yes that lining needs thickening! Have they said anything about meds for that? I've just finished 3 back to back natural cycles, PM me if you want to chat more in depth and good luck x

isthismummy Mon 09-Oct-17 16:18:43

Thank you for your reply weedance

I'm not cycling atm. I had the scan done to try and find out what's going on with my body. I've not had a period in over two months since having a hystereoscopy.

Clinic got back to me today. Explained that they don't consider the 15 mm follicle dominant as my lining isn't thickning as well. They said they are concerned the folicle may actually be a small cyst. They are now saying that they think ED is my best chance due to my high fsh and dodgy cycles. I wish they'd just told me that in July instead of saying go away and ttc naturally. Talk about going round in circles!

Weedance Mon 09-Oct-17 16:47:31

Ah i see. I guess they are thinking statistically aren't they and have come to the conclusion that ED will increase your chances. Yes i know what you mean about wishing for a clearer game plan from the clinic early on, I personally can't bear the faffing about whilst every precious month passes without a result.

It also comes down to time and money, going with ED might also save you both in the long run. Have you thought about it? Its good to have the option and they can prepare your lining in advance

isthismummy Mon 09-Oct-17 21:40:48

The faffing drives me mad! I don't think they'd have actually given me an honest opinion if I hadn't begged them for it.

We've decided to go for ED. We've been talking about it for ages anyway, so this has given us the push we need. It's a relief tbh.

Weedance Mon 09-Oct-17 22:09:57

Sounds like you have totally made the right decision isthismummy. There's nothing like a plan! It's quite exciting really as now you can move on, unencumbered, knowing that you and DH are on the same page having talked it through. You have everything to look forward to! Will you go abroad do you think? My friend had her twins via DE in Spain, they started school last month smile.

I discussed ED with hubby this evening. He is up for it so really it's up to me to get my head around. I'm unsure as to what's holding me back really, I guess it's that tiny, diminishing ray of hope that one more try with my own eggs might be the one. We are going on hols soon so that will help clear my head, I'm aware that I'm probably massively over thinking it all. I'm hoping for some sort of epiphany I guess.

isthismummy Tue 10-Oct-17 07:39:36

So glad to hear your DH is willing to try DE Weedance that is such good news.

I think it's only natural to hang on to that ray of hope. Wanting our own biological children is human instinct after all. That's the thing with ivf though isn't it? You just don't know if that next time MIGHT be the one, or whether you're just going to end up poorer and more broken afterwards. Statistics and human emotions don't always agree with each other. Go on your holiday, chill out and give yourself a break. You've been through so much and you deserve a bit of breathing space.

We will be going abroad for DE. Too expensive in this country and I don't like the fact donating isn't anonymous either. I've had my treatment so far with Serum, but don't want to go back there. In an ideal world we'd go to New Life, but we've only got the money for one fresh and one FET there. Also looking at Guest in Prague. I've heard good things and it's much more affordable. We could afford two whole rounds there and if you don't get pregnant they give you a third cycle for free! So much to think about, but it's excitingsmile

AgainPlease Tue 10-Oct-17 08:03:06

Follicle aside, what did the clinic say they were going to do about your lining? 3mm is very very thin and you’ll need extra medication in trying to thicken it up, and fast.

isthismummy Tue 10-Oct-17 08:18:06

They just said that my lining was thin because I had no dominant follicle and lining thickens as follicle becomes more dominant.

I am concerned about how thin it is though. I feel like I'm just repeating myself and getting nowhere with them though. I've pretty much gone round in a circle with coming back to egg donation. When I went to clinic for Hysteroscopy in July they told me it was too soon to consider it. Now four months later they are telling me egg donation!

Babytoboris Tue 10-Oct-17 08:24:10

Op sorry you've had this.

I'm currently cycling with reprofit in the Czech Republic they are cheap and good. I have DC 1 from ivf there now doing a natural cycle fet there. Worth looking into.

isthismummy Tue 10-Oct-17 08:25:28

I've got Skype chats this week with two potential new clinics. I'm assuming they will work with me to thicken my lining if I go for ED?

isthismummy Tue 10-Oct-17 09:13:28

I've heard good things about Reprofit Babytoboris they were on my list along with Guestsmile

isthismummy Tue 10-Oct-17 09:13:47

Good luck for your FET as well.

EarlGreyT Tue 10-Oct-17 09:44:37

I'm assuming they will work with me to thicken my lining if I go for ED

Yes, they'll probably give you oestrogen supplements (basically HRT) and make sure your lining is adequately thick before doing any transfer.

I don't know if you want any more clinics to add to your potential list, but Gennet in Prague is meant to be good. I had a Skype call with them, but preferred a different clinic. I haven't suggested any Spanish or Greek ones though as they're generally more expensive that Czech.

isthismummy Tue 10-Oct-17 10:39:35

I've heard Gennet are good EarlGreyT

Unfortunately I had an awful consultation with one of their doctors at their London branch last year and it's really put me off then. He was so cold and harsh. I left in tears.

Weedance Tue 10-Oct-17 12:15:56

I've also heard good things about reprofit, 3 cycles there cost the same as 1 cycle here! If they do DE then sounds like a good shout, especially if they have a satellite clinic here where you can have your scans, then fly out for transfer. I'm leaning towards them along with IVI in Spain. Incidentally my friend who has the DE twins posted a poem about them on FB today, made me burst out crying like a baby in the middle of busy cafe. There was a guy sitting opposite me who was a bit hmm
I couldn't stop crying! I've been bottling it up for about a week and this was the perfect thing to tip me over the edge. Feel much better for it actually

isthismummy Wed 11-Oct-17 08:05:08

Nothing like a good cry Weedance very cathartic. Glad you're feeling better about thingssmile

I've been in touch with Reprofit, but atm I'm favouring Gest slightly as their communication is better so far. I've heard only good things about Spanish clinics. I have a Skype chat with New Life tomorrow, but don't think we will be able to afford them in RL. It'll be a one shot thing if so which makes me feel quite anxious.

PM me if you want to chat. We can be "find a donor clinic buddies"smile

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