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Downregging Nov/Dec for Jan FET

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geeup Sun 01-Oct-17 21:21:00

Struggling to kill the weeks and months until I start downregging end of Nov for a 5 day transfer in early Jan. Trying to focus on losing the inevitable weight gain from two failed fresh cycles. Anyone on a similar timeline and want to be buddies? I'm trying to wish away my life the time, not least as we have a holiday and Christmas coming up!

geeup Sun 01-Oct-17 21:23:16

Trying not to wish away the time*

Willieowinsbury Tue 03-Oct-17 11:57:11

Hi geeup, I'm hoping to have an FET sooner than January but for various reasons we haven't scheduled it yet and will be downregging for a medicated one this time, so in reality I may end up in January as well. Dreading Christmas already! Would rather go on holiday somewhere hot and avoid all my friends' newborns...
Have you tried logging what you eat in the MyFitnessPal app? There's nothing like the shame of inputting a whole big bar of dairy milk into the barcode scanner blushgrin

geeup Tue 03-Oct-17 12:06:29

Hi will. Good to hear you've had to wait too. We had to wait as we're flying long haul in Nov and my clinic don't want you to fly until you're past 12 weeks.
Yes am using MFP and doing a loose version of the blood sugar diet (although not as low cal) and running. Working so far - lost 2 kg in the first week. If I can stick to it, this three months might see me back to my pre-ttc weight.
Are you doing anything supplement-wise or alternative remedy wise? I've just finished my Zita west vits and wondering if I should have a break or re order. I also wondered about starting acupuncture again which I gave up...

geeup Tue 03-Oct-17 12:07:46

Sorry that sounded awful - I'm not pleased to hear you've had to wait too but nice to hear someone who can empathise is what I meant! blush

Willieowinsbury Tue 03-Oct-17 12:50:33

No worries, I understand what you meant! Nice not to be alone out in the vast ocean of infertility suspense.
In terms of supplements we are both on Proxeed drinks, mens and womens versions. Plus...pycnogenol, agnus castus, krill oil, myo-inositol folic acid, vitamin c, selenium, turmeric, maca, agnus castus, multivitamins with magnesium and we're trying to eat as much fresh produce as we can though we do eat out a lot then have ice cream hmm. Absolutely no idea if it's making any difference at all. I've never tried acupuncture and probably won't. If I have another fresh cycle I'll avoid sugar and up the protein but for now I'm eating whatever I want to get through the day. My bmi is fine, I just eat too much chocolate. Hope your long haul is to somewhere nice.

geeup Tue 03-Oct-17 19:05:07

Wow you're on loads of supplements! My DH was on Proxeed which did improve his count and morphology but I haven't ordered any more since his supply ran out after or last fresh cycle. It seems defeatist when I write it down but we've stopped while we do (up to) two rounds of frozen cycles as obviously his "bit" is done and we have kind of given up on the idea of it happening naturally although we're unexplained. We stopped his pycnogenol etc when we started Proxeed on the advice of our clinic.
I take Zita West vitafem and omega and ubiquinol (although again have stopped the ubiquinol while we do frozen).
I did acupuncture for while while we were trying naturally but didn't really like my practitioner but did it with someone different before and after my transfers for both my fresh cycles. I'll probably do it again just to be on the safe side - no regrets and all that.
I think I'll order the Zita West vits again looking at your list. I just get so bored taking all these pills - im sure I'd rattle if you shook me!!

Willieowinsbury Tue 03-Oct-17 23:10:39

It suddenly seemed like a lot when I wrote it all down! Proxeed, pycnogenol and vitamin c are the ones I think are most important having read the online studies and I'm encouraging him to take them with the view that sperm take three months to manufacture and I'm already assuming our two remaining blastocysts will fail because they were both slow day 6 ones and we'll then need another fresh cycle anyway. But fingers crossed neither you nor I need to go through another fresh cycle.

sunflower2015 Wed 04-Oct-17 20:12:55

Hi, sorry to jump in.... we are aiming to have the FET sometime between November and January and was wondering if you knew the typical schedule for a medicated FET?

I know you usually start downregging on day 21 of your previous cycle, but, once you have your period, around what day of that cycle do you have the transfer (for a blastocyst)? confused

Thanks & fingers crossed for all!

geeup Wed 04-Oct-17 20:17:24

Hi sunflower. If I remember correctly, I start downregging on day 21, have a scan two weeks later, another scan two weeks later and then the transfer a few days later? I can check when I get home but don't have schedule on me. Welcome to our waiting room!

Willieowinsbury Wed 04-Oct-17 20:53:09

Hi Sunflower! I'm new to medicated too as the first ET was fresh and the second was natural. Has either of you had a hysteroscopy? I haven't and I'm scared there's something in there preventing implantation which is why neither of my blasts took before.

sunflower2015 Tue 10-Oct-17 17:48:43

Many thanks to both!
And congrats on you weight loss G - struggling with that myself.
Sorry about late response W - I have not had hysteroscopy and was asking new consultant about that (another clinic had been really pushing for it) who said that - at least in my case - a 3D Ultrasound scan was enough to show any potential structural problems.
Best of luck smile

Willieowinsbury Wed 18-Oct-17 14:14:53

Hey guys, how's the wait going for you? I've been okay but as we are still trying naturally in the meantime, I still have the tww to torture myself with! How's the healthy eating going?

Fox23 Fri 27-Oct-17 20:59:43

Evening girls,
Hope you don’t mind me joining you.
Geeup, we meet again....
I had ET and positive pregnancy test in September, however, just over week ago I was admitted to hospital with ectopic pregnancy ☹️. It was so devastating and cruel. I feel that only way forward for me is to look forward to my FET.
My post op bleeding stopped few days ago. Now, I’m waiting for my AF ... twice.... before I start FET process. Don’t know if I’m on track to have FET in Jan, but I sure hope so. As my AF timing is all messed up.
Weight issue... omg... I thought I’m on my own with this. It feels like mission impossible. Literally every day my weight goes up or down by 2-3kg! Don’t even know how it’s possible. But that is one thing that I need to sort out over the next month or so. I need to lose about a stone, or two. I have another week off work due to op, and I’m not allowed to exercise...
How much did you gain over your attempts? I gained a stone.

geeup Fri 27-Oct-17 21:45:20

Hey @Fox23 I'm sorry to see you here but happy you feel positive enough to join us. When I'm feeling at my lowest I try and remember that I do believe we'll have a baby so ultimately it's just a long and painful journey to get there and if I keep putting one (metaphorical) foot in front of the other, we'll get there. Other coping mechanisms for the wait are:
1) I have an app on my phone called countdown and I've input my expected AF date, holiday dates, downreg date, guesstimated first scan etc. I look at it every day and it makes me feel like we're making progress when I see the numbers go down.
2) weight loss. Now this one was going better and I've taken a step back recently. I've gained 11kg whilst ttc (c 2 stone over 2 years shock) and crept up from a size 10 to a 14 which isn't big on some people but is on my frame (my parents are slight). I have been trying to lower my carbs and up my protein and started running again with mixed success. Got a charity 5k tomorrow so that's been driving me on. If I could even lose 5kg I'd be pretty happy and feel like my cycle would be positively impacted as my bmi has crept up a bit. Currently I have only lost 1kg net. Oops.
3) i got a new job (same company) which I've thrown myself into. Feels good after my life has been on hold for so long. I'm covering a mat leave so hoping the chair is a lucky one ;)
Hope you all have something nice planned for the weekend. After the run we're off to fireworks tomorrow night!

Fox23 Fri 27-Oct-17 22:37:01

Gee, such a good idea! Downloaded the app. Only with i new when my AF will arrive... until then I don’t know any dates. At least I know holidays, Birthdays etc.
Same with me, I was very busty size 10, now... even bustier size 12 (tryIng to fit in my size 10) as I’m refusing to buy new wardrobe. It’s silly. I know. But I’m on NHS with one free FET cycle left. So, unless I lose weight fast, I may get delayed.
I can’t believe you run! So proud of you! I can’t run further than bus stop, so I admire those who can. I hope you have amazing day!
It was our wedding anniversary on Monday, but with my pregnancy termination operation, last thing I wanted was to celebrate. This weekend, hopefully we can have a drink or two and try to refocus together.
Regarding job- well done! It’s great to have something that you can focus on! Is it demanding job? Stressful?
I’m managing big team of only men- it’s just the industry I’m in. That requires me being ... less emotional and tough. with all the hormonal changes this process requires, that’s almost impossible and very very draining. Don’t know... will see how I feel over the next month or so.
I read somewhere that some women take take time off to focus on getting pregnant. That may be something I need to consider, to reduce stress, and let me be.... hormonal and emotional. My DH is in the same industry and he is very supportive of this idea.

Fox23 Sun 29-Oct-17 21:21:29

Geeup- how was your 5k run? I had my fingers crossed for you!
Did you and your DH enjoy fireworks?
Willieowinsbury and Sunflower- how are you both keeping up?

geeup Mon 30-Oct-17 07:46:27

Ah thanks @Fox23 5k went well. Definitely no personal best time but was good to get round. Felt like I'd achieved something for first time in a long time. Fireworks were lovely too. Did you have a nice weekend? Hope things are feeling a little brighter for you.
These autumn days are gorgeous aren't they! Looking at warm sunshine on the houses from the train and trying to stay calm. 4 weeks roughly till I start downregging...

Willieowinsbury Fri 10-Nov-17 23:33:44

Hi all, I hope you are well. Just want to update you that I am hopefully out of the fet wait as I fell pregnant naturally. I can hardly believe it (five years ttc) and debated whether to tell you as baby bombs are so depressing, as well I know. Anyway I really wish you all the best and happy to talk any time.

geeup Sat 11-Nov-17 08:08:42

Wow that is amazing - what a shock that must have been!! Massive congratulations. You must be thrilled.

geeup Sat 11-Nov-17 08:09:29

@Fox23 how are you doing?

Fox23 Sat 11-Nov-17 21:57:37

Omg, that’s so wonderful! I’m so happy for you and no words can express how you must feel. Congratulations! I wish you all the best and you shouldn’t worry about upsetting us with baby bomb, as we all are on the same journey hoping for that outcome! We are all so happy for you 😊
Geeup- how are you doing?
I’m finally on diet and have managed to lose 2kg and determined to lose lot more. As my AF is still likely weeks away I don’t have goal post, so for me it’s Christmas. I’ve always been more successful with diets if I have deadline and to diet during Christmas is totally impossible. Hopefully that will coincide with the beginning of my FET process.
Lot better now, not breaking down in tears every day and have accepted the reality to certain things extent and looking forward to new beginnings 😁

Willieowinsbury Sat 11-Nov-17 23:47:57

Thanks both! My fingers are well and truly crossed for you

geeup Thu 30-Nov-17 20:58:19

Well I'm back on the hamster wheel. Scratch done and first buserlin injection done. Very glad to be back cycling again as feel one day closer to being pregnant. As feeling so impatient but trying to focus on mini milestones - Christmas, new year etc. How's everyone else doing?

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