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Letrozole has anybody been prescribed this?

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18mnthsandcounting Wed 27-Sep-17 18:22:51

Hi guys I have been prescribed letrozole after taking 6 rounds of clomid, getting pregnant and miscarrying at 8 weeks, I also have pcos and have been trying to conceive for 2 1/2 years. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you 😊

Belkinsboo Thu 28-Sep-17 11:03:11

Hi 18mnths, I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage flowers. I've done 7 cycles of Letrozole this year. Much easier than clomid to deal with (clomid made me cranky and sweaty!) although it did exacerbate my anxiety (apparently this is normal for people who suffer with anxiety). Unfortunately it hasn't worked for us so we're moving on to IVF but if you have any questions about Letrozole I'm happy to try and answer them smile

18mnthsandcounting Thu 28-Sep-17 19:39:03

Thank you so much for replying, do you have pcos also?

Belkinsboo Mon 02-Oct-17 11:41:51

I'm sorry 18mths, I've been ill and didn't have a look on here until today.

Yes, I have PCOS. I've had countless rounds of different fertility treatment (IUI, clomid, Letrozole) and sadly 9 very early miscarriages.

Letrozole has been by far the easiest treatment for me to go through. I'm also taking Metformin and Hydroxychloroquine plus a few other supplements etc.

Was it a private clinic that prescribed you Letrozole? Did they recommend anything else for you at the same time?

18mnthsandcounting Mon 02-Oct-17 19:14:29

Hope you are feeling better! No I'm under nhs, I had 6 rounds of clomid first then they have given me this letrozole to try... I asked for metformin but they said there's no point me taking it as I'm not overweight. Are you being seen by private clinic? How long have you been trying? It's so frustrating isn't it I had a miscarriage in 2015 also where I got pregnant naturally but have struggled ever since. Have they said why you are miscarrying?

18mnthsandcounting Thu 12-Oct-17 19:56:53

Hi has anyone that's taken letrozole experienced painful ovaries?

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