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Zika Virus testing and IVF treatment

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robato Thu 29-Jun-17 19:21:30

We are looking for advice regarding testing for Zika virus and IVF treatment.

We had a consultation at Bourn Hall, Cambridge for another IVF cycle and everything was going well until the last form we had to complete. This was new to us and asked us to declare that we hadn't visited any high risk countries for Zika in the previous 6 months.

The consultant said if we had, we would have to wait 6 months. Based on the date of the form, this only seems to have become a requirement late last year, so wasn't known to us during our previous IVF cycle a couple of years ago.

Unfortunately, I (dad) travel a lot for work and I had visited Thailand in May. What is worse, is I go there every 6 months.

The consultant said she preferred to wait as the tests weren't always reliable, and suggested I either postpone my future trips to high risk countries and try in November or call up next month, in case any new tests had been developed.

Now, I do understand the risk of Zika and why they are being conservative and also, I understand I can talk to my boss and ask if I stopped travelling but my wife isn't getting any younger and we thought now was the best time to try. I work for a very small company so it's almost impossible for someone else to step in.

My wife was so upset when this news hit us and to be fair, the consultant was sympathetic too. I'm pretty sure I'm OK, as I was in Thailand, in an office or hotel most days/nights, for less than a week and don't recall getting bitten, as normally I get a huge local reaction.

So, I want to know if others had done any Zika virus tests that have been accepted by IVF clinics (in particular BH), when it was done and how much it cost? I'd like to be able to propose these to BH if they don't come back to us with any viable tests.

I really do hope a test can clear us for the treatment, otherwise further delays will decrease our chances...

user1499087140 Mon 23-Oct-17 22:39:08

We are TTC after visiting Mexico in June so we have waited 4 months.
I just wondered how you got on in the end?

JoJoSM2 Tue 24-Oct-17 06:59:52

We went on hols to a destination that was added to the Zika zone just as we abroad. It meant out treatment was delayed but not by 6 months!

We had to wait for 4 weeks (I think) to test for Zika as it takes a while to come up so you can't test immediately upon your return. We're doing a private treatment in London and tested at the Doctor's Laboratory in Wimpole St. Can't remember the price but nothing drastic - I think less than £100 per person.

We were both clear and proceeded to do the IVF.

robato Wed 06-Jun-18 12:04:06

Sorry for the very late response but just wanted to update on this.

Bourn were very strict on this each time we asked if there were Zika updates, though their chief consultant sent us a personal response basically saying they can't risk it.

So in the end, they did make us wait a painful 6 months and then there was confusion about our booking which conflicted with Christmas closing times, so in the end we didn't get treatment until January 2018!!

We did get 10 eggs and 6 fertilized. Transferred 2 x 5 day blastocysts but was unsuccessful. We just had 1 remaining embryo for FET but found out it also failed to implant this week sad

For the FET, they still needed me (dad) to sign another Zika form which didn't really make sense since I was just on the side-lines for FET. I suppose the risk is I could infect my wife again, if I was infected...and the nurses asked about travel at the early scans, so it made it feel they were being extra strict on this.

While the staff are wonderful as always, we felt Bourn has lost the personal touch we had compared to our (successful) treatment in 2015. Back then, they opened the clinic on a Sunday with a doctor (and lovely grounds keeper) just for us. Now, they refuse any weekend appointments / pharmacy visits.

We're self funded so it's starting to add up now and the overall experience at Bourn wasn't great this time, so I'm having second thoughts on whether to try again with them.

Soov123 Sun 29-Jul-18 21:45:26

Hi JoJoSM2, just reading this thread and wondered if you could share the IVF clinic that was happy to progress based on your Zika tests being clear? I have a similar situation with my husband having to go to Singapore for work. Thanks!

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