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Diagnosis is male factor but could something be wrong with me too?

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closephine85 Sun 25-Jun-17 08:02:14

Background: almost 4 years ttc number 2 (took 7 months to conceive DS). I've had HSG, laparoscopy, AMH, fsh, day 21 bloods etc etc all fine. DH has had consistently low results varying from 1 million to 13 million and low morphology ranging from 0% to 4%. We had Ivf with IMSI in Feb and got 4 top quality blasts, two transferred but cycle failed. We will go back for an FET later in the year.

I know on face value it does sound like the problem lies with DH? But I just can't shake the feeling that perhaps there's something wrong with me too? Many of the stories I read about couples in similar positions seem to involve a number of chemical pregnancies or miscarriages. I've not had a sniff of a BFP in all this time.

I can't explain it, but even before we started trying for our DS I had a feeling we might struggle... I have terrible anxiety and I just wonder sometimes if my hormones are somehow a bit 'off'. When I google hormonal imbalances I seem to fit the bill for symptoms to a few! But drs just tend to dismiss any of my worries as they've got their diagnosis?

Does anyone have any insight/has anyone been in a similar position or are there any further tests I could ask for?

broodynmoody Sun 25-Jun-17 09:56:12

Sorry your going through this OP. You seem to have all the basic tests done but if you have top quality blasts and nothing, yoh may have immune issues. You can always ask to get a test done or ask to be put on some kind of steroids before your transfer.

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