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I took un prescribed clomid

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Sarah1087 Sat 24-Jun-17 10:10:48

Before you read and run and judge, please note at that point I'd have done anything to become a mum, and still would. But don't do what I have done before even getting checked out.

After 8 months of trying in October 2016 I managed to get hold of clomid from a friend who didn't need it any more and took it for 5 months, doubling up on 1 dose. It regulated my periods from 34 to 28. I had + opk's but obviously I was never monitored.

I never got pregnant sad

i had my bloods taken for fsh, lh, all the basics in September 2016 all were fine.

By April this year of no pregnancy I decided to admit every thing to my doctor who told me not to worry but don't do it again. Phew!!

Finally been referred to specialist ( uk )
Again he knows about the clomid.
My cycles range from 31-33 days he did my progesterone levels on day 21 and day 28 I found out yesterday I didn't ovulate on neither.

I'm so upset and angry with myself. I'm on day 39 no af and bfn, but I have cramps, sore boobs and lots of discharge. I have to ring up next week if I don't get af.

I'm still waiting to get my hsg which should've been last week when I had my af 😕 And have my lh and FSH bloods taken again.
I'm stumped because I've never gone over 33 days. I'm wondering if having no progesterone could mean I have pcos ? And what will the treatment be for me to ovulate if I've already stupidly taken clomid ?

I wish you all the very best of luck.

broodynmoody Sat 24-Jun-17 10:17:43

Hello OP. I managed to get 2 months worth of Clomid privately off a private doctor, then I took another 2 month from someone on the internet. It didn't work.
If your cycles are erratic and your not ovulating, then it sounds like you have PCOS. I have PCO but not the syndrome as my periods were pretty regular and I ovulated most months. I did end up having IVF in the end which no doubt they will refer for you. They wouldn't refer me til ibe been trying to for 2 years. Are you on NHS or private?

Sarah1087 Sat 24-Jun-17 10:30:42

Hi Hun.

We are under the nhs. You sound like me as my periods are usually regular up until this month. A blood test last year came back and didn't comply with pcos but I am still yet to have the vaginalscan. Did Ivf work for you ?

And thank you for replying :-)

AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 24-Jun-17 13:21:39

It is quite possible to have periods without ovulating and that looks like the case here. What you need first and foremost is a proper diagnosis, has he suggested PCOS?. There are other treatment options available if clomid is unsuccessful; injectable drugs for instance. It may well be that IVF will not be needed.

Any tests results done over six months ago should be discounted.

LH and FSH should ideally be tested on or around day 3 of the cycle but if periods are irregular these blood tests can be done according to calendar days.

Sarah1087 Sat 24-Jun-17 13:57:52

Thank you. All he asked was if I had acne on my back and excessive hair growth!! Which I do not. But I am always tired, very teary, depressed, disturbed sleep, had hot flashes this month which leads me to believe I have pcos. Going for the vaginal scan end of July. But I'm hoping they give me something so I can get a period beforehand. These cramps are terrible. And I've also got lumps and bumps in my breasts which is a symptom of pcos xx

broodynmoody Sat 24-Jun-17 22:41:59

Yes IVF has worked, I'm 6 weeks still early days. As attika says IVF maybe not be needed, you can try other things but IVF does have a higher success rate tjan Clomid, IUI with injectables and so on.

18mnthsandcounting Tue 27-Jun-17 16:50:41

Hi Sarah I was diagnosed with PCOS last September and was given clomid to help me ovulate as I was having periods but no ovulation I started on 50mg and still didn't ovulate so they upped it to 100mg and I got pregnant on it in April however found out yesterday I have had a missed miscarriage, I'm going to go back to doctor and see if there are other options I've heard metformin is supposed to be quite good?

Sarah1087 Tue 27-Jun-17 17:38:37

I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. It's hard enough being told you need help and going through all this rigmarole to then loose your baby. I pray everything will turn out ok for you, on a up at least it did work for you. Did they offer you any progesterone suppositories? X

18mnthsandcounting Wed 28-Jun-17 15:53:57

No I've never been offered those, I don't kno what the next best option is tbh feeling a bit lost and confused. How are things with you?

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