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FET or another full round?

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GuntyMcGee Sat 17-Jun-17 21:28:12

We had two round of IVF almost 3 years ago - first round, short protocol, it seemed to take a bit longer than planned to get the follicles to size. They managed to collect 8 eggs, all fertilised, only 5 survived to day 5. One replaced and two were frozen. We managed a BFP, but I bled and miscarried 10 days later, just days before my early scan was booked.

Second round 6 months later, long protocol was used (and I've never been sure why), it was brutal. My skin is still dry and flakey and my cycles are shorter since. Again, 8 eggs collected, 4 survived, one replaced on day 3 however none of the others survived to blastocyst and ended in a BFP.

Our plan was always to at some point use the frozen embryos if they survived, then call it a day.

We saw consultant after our second attempt at ivf and he seemed confused as to why we did long protocol when short seemed more effective, which really upset us both. He recommended endometrial scratch and another full round of ivf.

It's taken me this long to feel even remotely ready to consider having another go and using the embryos but now I'm wondering whether we should go for one more full round or use those embryos that we're paying to store.

Any suggestions, stories or recommendations very welcome.

BadgerFace Sat 17-Jun-17 21:38:17

I did a long protocol 5 years ago and ended up with a BFP as well as several frozen embryos. We did a FET a few years later and it was SO much easier than the fresh cycle so I would recommend using your frozen embryos first... Our FET was unsuccessful but I think it's worth trying before a fresh cycle.

Did your consultant say why he recommended a fresh cycle instead of FET? I asked about doing a fresh cycle at my first consultation for the FET as I was a bit worried about getting too old for another fresh cycle but my consultant basically told me I'd be crazy to not try the FET but we had several first class graded blastocysts so maybe it depends on what you have in the freezer?

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