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Fertility tests London- recommendations?

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hellotoyellow Mon 05-Jun-17 09:32:32


I hope it's OK to post here. I wonder if anyone would be able to recommend their clinic. We've only been trying for 6 months, and I'm 30 and healthy (and I've done ovulation bloods in the last year). However, DH has diabetes, and so we're high risk for infertility. We agreed we'd have tests after this cycle. I don't want to do it through my GP at the moment as I can't bear to battle for the tests.

We're in London and Harley Street is easiest (or London Bridge) but more than willing to travel. We want a sperm analysis/AMH/antral follicle count.

I've tried calling one clinic this am but they say they're closed, although they'll be open at 9am and it's 9:30. I don't want to pay £500 for that sort of thing... if we need it, I want tests somewhere sensible with someone sensible who can support us through the journey.

Any recommendations?

Veinarde Mon 05-Jun-17 14:59:51

Hi yellow,

I did all of my blood tests privately at the Pathlab near Harley street. I tested thyroid ( including antibodies) around £120, basic thyroid would cost £60. AMH is £90. They provide results same day together with normal range values but obviously won't interpret or give recommendations.
My DH had a sperm analysis done at CREATE st Paul's, just called up to book, same day results for £120.
Ultrasound direct provides very inexpensive AFC scans but I haven't used them. I also heard people using Amanda Tozer for scans (and endo scratches), being a consultant I am assuming she would comment on the results there and then. Depending on what you need testing it can come close to £500! CREATE fertility offers 'Couples MOT' for £385 but as far as I remember it was quite basic.

Good luck! X

JoJoSM2 Mon 05-Jun-17 15:51:43

I think it's the AFC that includes a consultation + ultrasound that bumps up the price. Semen analysis cost us £140. AMH isn't too bad either. You could start with those two.

AMH will also be a good indication of your antral follicle count. Statistically, AFC tends to be AMH x 0.67 on average.

AMH will also indicate potential problems if it's very high or very low. If that's the case, you could go in for other tests.

Otherwise, you could probably try for a little longer before further tests. A full batch of basic tests will cost a fair bit as you'll need our uterus lining and tubes checked, different hormones etc.

Do you have any reason to worry about your side of things? Ie very long or short or irregular cycles, painful, heavy or very light periods, spotting, other health conditions, obesity etc?

hellotoyellow Mon 05-Jun-17 19:39:00

No, everything plum normal on my side, BMI 22-23, plus had a scan for a cyst about 18 months ago so know I have follicles and have mid cycle pain and totally regular periods. My day 3 and 21 bloods are normal, never had an STI, etc. I guess i just want to feel that I'm doing something too as the producing a sperm sample in an airless room sounds a bit grim... but if it's not worth it I won't bother.

Thank you so much that's really helpful!

JoJoSM2 Mon 05-Jun-17 21:24:32

Sounds like you've done a lot. SA would be really helpful. I don't suppose it's that grim - according to DH, he felt a bit awkward at first but then just got on with it. To feel like you're doing sth, you could get your DH some Proxeed or Profertil - they are great at improving sperm quality and quantity. And sperm quality is closely correlated with time to pregnancy.

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