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How uncomfortable should stims be?

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Scottishgirl85 Sat 27-May-17 19:48:43

I'm on day 8 of stims with gonal. 17 follicles at scan yesterday. Getting pretty uncomfortable now and really feel pain when walking, standing up etc. This doesn't bother me, but I'm worrying it's going too fast. The clinic didn't reduce my dose, but added in cetrotide since today to prevent ovulation. I'm thinking egg collection might be Wednesday, so 4 more days. Can't see how my ovaries won't have exploded by then! Please someone tell me the constant pain doesn't mean I'll ovulate early, or the eggs will be over-mature?
Thanks x

icy121 Sat 27-May-17 22:36:27

How big were the largest follicles at last scan?

Have you got PCOS?

I think it's unikely you'll ovulate by yourself & clinic are keeping it under control. But it's frightening, of course it is. The whole process is batshit!

I was very uncomfortable, could feel ovaries when I sat down. Ended up with 25 eggs collected & mild/moderate OHSS. Not a disaster at all - although felt like it at the time.... quite painful for about a week. flowers it's such a crap process

Scottishgirl85 Sun 28-May-17 19:58:26

Thanks icy! I've always suspected I have pcos as skin can be dodgy and irregular periods. But scans have never shown it and amh only 13. Biggest follicles were 1.4, then several more 1.1-1.3, then some under 1. I read that pain means not drinking enough, so I started drinking loads and I'm not in pain at all anymore, so now panicking I have indeed ovulated! Scan tomorrow so we'll see.

Hope you're well. I was a major lurker of the mind numbing thread when you were on there, was so delighted your cycle was a success x

icy121 Sun 28-May-17 21:48:11

Oh god yes you need to drink like a camel, And the nurses told me the more follies you have the more you need to drink as they're just full of water!

I guess you have to trust in the clinic that they're competent and you're not going to ovulate by yourself, shame (well, you know what I mean!) it's bank holiday as they're probably shut - but if you're v worried about it, is there a mobile number you can call out of hours?

Scottishgirl85 Sun 28-May-17 22:30:01

We're going abroad, only contact with clinic so far has been via email since the very start. There is an out of hours number but think it's for emergencies only and I'm thinking their English might not be great. Will see at scan tomorrow (was difficult finding somewhere open on bank holiday!). Then we fly out Tuesday. It's crazy how we're just swept along in the madness of it all. Hubby and I feel like junkies in the kitchen every morning, we're putting so much trust in a clinic we've not even been to yet! confused

blue2014 Wed 31-May-17 21:58:52

The clinic are lovely, honestly Scottish they are. I'd never been before our cycle either

(Can't help on pain, I didn't get any - but then i only got 3 eggs so ....)

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