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How to improve AMH

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Lillylooks Wed 17-May-17 10:28:13

Hi I just finished my 5th round of IVF. They only managed to collect one egg which was disappointing. I have read that by increasing your AMH you can increase your follicle count. Has anyone had any experience of this? I have seen that some of the Chinese medicine clinics have helped people with this issue. Has anyone else got any success stories where a cycle was cancelled, repeated and successful? Need some positivity and honesty please!

ZiggyForever Wed 17-May-17 10:52:49

Hi Lilly - I started a cycle of IVF a few years ago, AMH tested at less than one and I can't remember if the ultrasound showed up any follicles at all but whatever the news was, it was bad, because they said there was no point continuing with the IVF and the cycle was cancelled.

I'm with a new partner now, I'm 37 and we plan to have donor egg IVF after we get married later in the year. As a bit of a last resort, and because I would dearly love to try for my own baby rather than donor eggs, I went for acupuncture and chinese herbal therapy with a very respected, qualified and well-reviewed therapist in Manchester. It cost £90 per week for eight weeks and had zero effect - in fact, it's possible my body got even more confused, because I didn't have a period for sixty days and my cycle has been weird since - two periods in three weeks, nothing for forty five days, etc. This could just be perimenopause though.

I have heard some success stories but I really don't know if it's possible to increase AMH. All I would say is, don't throw money away unless you can afford it.

Chattycat78 Wed 17-May-17 12:25:36

Sorry - it's impossible to improve your amh- as this would mean increasing the amount of eggs you have left- something which can't be done.

However- it IS possible to improve egg quality- which is what counts on getting pregnant- not the number of eggs you have. You only need 1 good one to get pregnant.

Supplements can help- e.g. ubiquinol, also acupuncture, good diet etc. Dhea is controversial but has had some good results too I think. Have a look at the book "it starts with the egg".

For what it's worth, my amh is low and I've been pregnant 3 times and had 2 live births since this news (both ivf and naturally).

Chattycat78 Wed 17-May-17 12:28:35

On the follicle thing- the number of follicles you have available each month can vary from month to month. Amh result can also vary according to who does the test and where it is stored. But This isn't the same as actually increasing amh.

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