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Starting IUI private or NHS

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user1494859721 Mon 15-May-17 20:11:00


Me and my partner are in a same sex relationship and we live in the West-Midlands and are currently looking in to starting a family. we have recently gone to our GP to get referred but this was 2 weeks ago and the GP send us home with no answer as she didn't have a clue what to do. She was going to give us a call back but in the 2 weeks I have phoned back 5 times but we are still no further in to getting a referral or anything?? Has anyone else had this problem? We are now considering if we should go through NHS or have a look in to going Private, I seen that you are not NHS eligible for IUI till you have tried and failed 6 times? So would it be worth to look in to private straight away or do we still have to get referred? And what are the difference between the two besides the obvious costs?

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