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IVF for subfertility?

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meadowlark3 Sun 14-May-17 20:38:57

I'm 35 and TTC#1 for 15 months. Fell quickly and had an early miscarriage and then fell again whilst waiting to begin IVF, but sadly sat in my tube. Now one tube down and back on the IVF path. Anyone in a similar situation? DH has mild MFI with count just on the low side of normal. With my age and having lost a tube we're not keen on trying on our own for much longer. Feel I need to prepare for the worst with IVF (and of course be chuffed with success) but also reckon perhaps we could have success as we've done it on our own twice now?


JoJoSM2 Sun 14-May-17 21:01:00

Falling pregnant twice in 15 months is pretty impressive in my book (not even a late period for 27 months for me). Although with one tube down, it might take twice as long? In your position, I'd probably seek help to speed things up, i.e. IUI's or even IVF. Unless you've got the patience to stick to being healthy, taking supplements and carrying on...

meadowlark3 Mon 15-May-17 07:13:24

Thank you JoJo. Sorry it has been such a long time for you. I don't mean to complain as 16 mos does feel short compared to what some of the other ladies here have gone through. I am happy to keep on but I suppose I'm wondering whether anyone's had any luck with IVF after a couple of failed pregnancies like mine? In our case, IUI would not be recommended as I have one tube and mild MFI.

JoJoSM2 Mon 15-May-17 11:04:41

You're not complaining- you've been through a lot and it's been awful... I'm sure someone will come along - I'm sure Ivd read stories of successful IVF in similar circumstances smile

meadowlark3 Mon 15-May-17 21:32:39

Thank you Jo...maybe I should repost with different title, not sure it makes sense. smile

Chrisinthemorning Mon 15-May-17 21:37:59

We had IVF having had 2 natural (unsuccessful) pregnancies. I have endometriosis and DH sometimes has low SA- particularly morphology- count was normal.
We went for ivf to maximise our chances. Plus we wanted array CGH doing to check chromosomes as one of our losses was t21.
DS is now nearly 5, ivf worked first time for us- lucky.
Good luck!

meadowlark3 Tue 16-May-17 21:34:52

Chris, thanks for sharing your story. I am hopeful that we will be first time lucky, too smile

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