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FET timescales

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Hobbes39 Sun 14-May-17 15:23:11

Hi - just wondering if someone who has been through it can give me an idea of timescale for a medicated FET? I am to call the clinic with my June period to go in - but I haven't a clue what happens - do they down-reg me?
Also, has anyone decided to do a 'natural' FET? I have just one single little frozen embryo and want to give it the best chance... have had 2 failed fresh cycles - so wondering if I'd be better to have a natural FET... if you did do a natural one, an I ask why?
Thanks! X

AgainPlease Tue 16-May-17 08:11:07

Hi hobbes, I only ever did natural FET as I had regular cycles and nice thick lining so no need for me to do medicated/HRT FET. In my natural FET cycles I called them when I got my period and they asked me to come in for a scan between day 3-5 then I had a couple of scans the next week or so to look for lead follicle and then when lead follicle and lining reach a good match in terms of numbers (follicle measuring around 18mm and lining anything above 7-8mm I think) you do your trigger shot that evening and the following week you go in for transfer.

My last FET round was over in 2 weeks from period starting to transfer because I ovulated early because I'd just had an mc and my cycles weren't back to normal but I guess allow 3 weeks-ish for the whole process.

Hobbes39 Tue 16-May-17 10:10:32

Hi Again - thanks for your reply. I am tempted to do natural cycle as my lining def isn't a problem, as if anything it's too thick (15-16mm on both cycles) so I'm not sure why they want me to do medicated cycle, when natural might be better. Only issue is I have short cycles and I think a short luteal phase, so they might want to take over my system to ensure that I don't flush it out before it's had a chance. Did you have to argue for a natural cycle, or did they suggest it?

Hobbes39 Tue 16-May-17 10:11:17

Also, meant to ask - were you successful? X

moggle Tue 16-May-17 10:15:15

For a medicated FET my plan has been:
Day 21 start injecting buserelin
2 weeks later, baseline scan
Next day, start HRT (pills)
2 weeks later, progress scan
3 days later, start cyclogest
4 days later, transfer (5 day blast)
12 days later, test day

So 6-7 weeks from starting downregging to testing.

At our clinic they only do natural FET if your cycle is like clockwork. And they still prefer to do medicated because then they can control when transfer happens; it's a very busy clinic. At ours, if your transfer day falls on a Sunday the cycle is cancelled. Having said that I know for some cycles natural FET is standard.

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