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In need of some friends. Secondary infertility beginning of the road.

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Ilovechocolatetoomuch Tue 09-May-17 18:35:24

We have a lovely ds who is 4 we have been TTC #2 for 18 months.
I had basic tests done and they have all come back fine. In 12 months I have had two 19 day cycles, which my GP says is fine :/
I have just started our journey with NHS infertility clinic. I finally managed to have my 21 day bloods but my period started the next day so not sure what that will say.
I also had an amh test and am due a scan this week.
I guess I am just hopeful of finding similar people to me, not all the people I know who are currently popping out no #3 which just depresses me.

harry78 Tue 09-May-17 18:47:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ilovechocolatetoomuch Tue 09-May-17 19:23:48

Hi Harry. What are they x-raying, Is that the hycosy? I don't really even know any of my levels the gp was reluctant to tell me just telling me it was a perfectly normal.
Are you NHS as well? When I look on these forums it makes me sad how many people have to struggle, it just seems so unfair.
Hubby has to go for the sperm test again, he is not impressed lol!

harry78 Wed 10-May-17 18:24:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ilovechocolatetoomuch Wed 10-May-17 22:05:56

Hi Harry.
Pretty sure if we want anything apart from the basics we will have to cough up too. Although all the tests are not nice I try to think of the end goal, every test is one step closer to finding out what's going on.

SweetDee33 Thu 11-May-17 19:10:50

Hi guys can I join? I'm 38 and ttc #2 since Sept 2015. I had my first NHS fertility clinic appointment two weeks ago. The nurse was lovely, took my day 3 bloods there and then, but apparently the gp messed up my day 21 bloods, although they showed I am ovulating. She was lovely but did make it clear that the NHS can't do much as we already have a child and Clomid isn't necessary. I'm booked in for ultrasound scans in June. In a weird way I'm hoping they find something wrong so they can fix it, I know that's crazy but I am struggling with the fact that we may not have another child and not be able to do anything about it. I am relieved to be able to talk about it on here, no one apart from dp knows I'll.

WelshMammy123 Thu 11-May-17 19:59:29

Can I join too? We have a dd who's 2.5. It took us 3.5 years to conceive her. We started TTC again in January last year and I was shocked to fall pregnant immediately. Unfortunately that ended in a MMC. I fell pregnant quickly again but sadly lost that baby at 4 months. It's now been 7 months since I lost my baby and I've been to my gp today for some advice. I know 7 months is no time at all but as it took so long to conceive dd and due to losses last year I'm beginning to feel worried that things are going to take a long time again - or perhaps not even happen. I'm 38 now as well so have that in mind.

Gp has kindly agreed to do Day 2 and day 21 tests and then we'll go from there I guess.

I'm so sick of ttc I could scream with the frustration of it all x

SweetDee33 Thu 11-May-17 22:17:12

So sorry to hear of your loss flowers just awful x

Ilovechocolatetoomuch Fri 12-May-17 07:54:26

Sorry to hear of your loss Welsh sad
Interesting our NHS fertility man didn't say anything like that, but I just presumed there would be no ivf or anything too fancy as we already have the one. Not sure if clomid is an option for me sad
With the pain I have been having I really want them to find something and put a stop to it, hopefully kill two birds with one stone!

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