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IVF cycle buddies March/ April cont.

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Hobbes39 Wed 03-May-17 23:21:01

I saw that we were nearly at 1k posts shockand think we get cut off at that point, so hope that you all find this new thread - going to post a link to it in the old thread...
Will be nice to keep updated with how everyone is getting on smile x

MushaSoturi Thu 04-May-17 06:28:04

Thanks Hobbes for setting up the new thread.

Nemo79 Thu 04-May-17 06:32:13

Thank you Hobbes 🙂

geeup Thu 04-May-17 08:30:59

Thanks hobbes!

Ozzyboo Thu 04-May-17 08:34:11

Thanks Hobbes 👍🏼

SilverLinings2014 Thu 04-May-17 08:39:49

Thanks for the new thread hobbes and for your kind words. Decided you were right about work so came up with an excuse not to go in today; working from home instead. Think I just needed someone to give me permission to do it so thank you!

Not much to update here. Still a bit of bleeding but not huge volume and fairly old/brown in colour so am hoping for the best.

Hope everyone else is doing okay xx

Ozzyboo Thu 04-May-17 08:54:18

That sounds promising silver! And I'd have done the same re work.. You've got to look after yourself or you'll never forgive yourself!

bjonesreborn Thu 04-May-17 09:02:28

Thanks hobbes
Hang on in there silver
ozzy today you have bloods to confirm? Xz

Ozzyboo Thu 04-May-17 10:01:01

Yes been to clinic this morning they did a urine test & blood test.. Urine test came back negative 😕 so I whipped out my fresh frer from this morning that I did from the same pot of wee (attached picture) it's definitely darker than yesterday!
She then said she could see a faint line on her test, and that we'd have to wait until bloods come back and if hcg is over 30 then I'll have to go back next thurs to see how it's progressing.
It's just never ending, I knew I was right not to get my hopes up yesterday 😣

bjonesreborn Thu 04-May-17 10:13:44

Oh ozzy that line is definitely darker today. When will you get bloods back - today? Got everything crossed for you xx

SilverLinings2014 Thu 04-May-17 10:26:21

Hugs ozzy. Try to hang in there; I agree that line is darker than yesterday's. I hope your bloods come back quickly xx

Ozzyboo Thu 04-May-17 10:34:30

Should get blood results back between 2-4.
I'm just so confused, how can mine look like that and the one at the clinic is totally different when they were from the same pot?!

Hobbes39 Thu 04-May-17 13:18:55

Thinking of you Ozzy - keeping fingers crossed for good news after 2 today. It's possible that their tests aren't as sensitive as yours? That's good yours is getting darker. Hope you can distract yourself until the call! X
Thinking of you too Silver & glad you've taken the day off - fingers crossed your bleeding stops v soon xx

MushaSoturi Thu 04-May-17 14:23:17

Hope you're doing ok Silver x

Ozzy I agree that line is definitely darker today, fingers crossed for your bloods x

I'm thinking about testing Saturday now, the waiting is driving me doolaly I can't concentrate on work at all (I really just want to test now, it's taking all my willpower to hold off) but I'll be 10dp5dt on Saturday so I should get a pretty accurate result then right?

Ozzyboo Thu 04-May-17 14:35:35

Thanks.. Had a complete break down to OH over the phone earlier, his car is in the garage and don't think he'll be able to make it home this weekend when all I need is a good cuddle 😩

Musha I am now 10dp5dt and mine is about as accurate as a pile of poo 😡 I would wait until OTD (even though mine is actually today?!)

laurelstar Thu 04-May-17 14:42:56

Oh no Ozzy that's tough. Hope you've had good results from the blood test x

Ozzyboo Thu 04-May-17 15:10:24

Just had a call, hcg is only at 11 so looks like a chemical 😔 they want me to keep taking pessaries and go back next Thursday for more bloods.
I'll obviously do what any sane woman in my position would do and go and buy 10,000 tests and test every hour on the hour until then 🙃

bjonesreborn Thu 04-May-17 15:21:46

ozzy not much any of us can say but massively thinking of you x

Hobbes39 Thu 04-May-17 15:38:45

Oh Ozzy - I'm so sorry. I'm surprised they are going to wait until next week to do a repeat test as it's leaving you hanging for longer than need be. If they took bloods Saturday they'd know what was happening.
It is possible you've just got a slow starter, so i might unwisely be still holding on to hope for you. X

BeePositive Thu 04-May-17 15:42:15

Thanks for setting up this thread hobbes - I was wondering why everyone was 'quiet', so am catching up now.

Definitely darker ozzy fingers crossed for some more definite and positive news from your bloods now. You're allowed to wig out with the rest of us, but I do hope you get some proper OH cuddles soon!

Try hold off musha... although it is impossible! grin

MushaSoturi Thu 04-May-17 15:56:43

Ozzy that sucks, must be so frustrating to still be left hanging. I'm still holding on to hope for you.

Hope2409 Thu 04-May-17 22:23:10

Thanks for the new thread hobbes

ozzy my thoughts are with you xx

MushaSoturi Fri 05-May-17 06:55:42

Just went to the toilet and there was a bit of colour when I wiped. Trying to stay positive but all I keep thinking is this is the start of the end.

Nemo79 Fri 05-May-17 07:17:46

I'm so sorry you're going through this ozzy, it must be especially tough with OH being away! Thinking of you and you know where we are if you need to chat. xx

Try and stay positive musha it could be implantation! xx

geeup Fri 05-May-17 07:34:27

Crossing my fingers for both of you Ozzy and musha. It's such a hard process and I really feel for you.

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