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Rockhopper81 Thu 27-Apr-17 22:45:32


Anybody have an experience of OvuSense?

And ad post came up on Facebook - you can tell I've been looking at fertility sites! - and it intrigued me.

Obviously I've read through the site, but I was wondering if anybody had any experience or further information on it really.

Thanks in advance. smile

mrskittenpie Fri 28-Apr-17 19:53:04

I use it. I'm on my fifth cycle with it now. It seems good and it will tell you when you have ovulated. It hasn't helped me get pregnant but then a miracle is needed for that. I would recommend it though - you sync the ovusense with the app on your phone and it draws the temperature chart for you.

Pugmummy87 Fri 28-Apr-17 22:32:25

Hi I use ovusense.
First month of using it, it confirmed ovulation and I got a bfp, although sadly miscarried at 5 weeks.

In the 3 cycles since my miscarriage, it hasn't confirmed. Confirming what I and the doctors know, that I don't ovulate regularly enough. No surprise since I have pcos.

I temped before using a regular bbt thermometer, but found I kept forgetting to take it first thing in the morning. With ovusense, it's so much easier as I put the sensor in overnight, remove when I get up in the morning and then download the data into the app.

Rockhopper81 Fri 28-Apr-17 22:52:22

Thanks both for your messages, it sounds like it might be worth giving it a go then.

Pugmummy - sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I have PCOS too and am hoping this might help somewhat, particularly since I will be looking at using donor sperm too. I hope you get another ovulation and resulting BFP soon.

Mrskittenpie - I suspect I will need a miracle too, but anything that might assist that miracle is worth a shot!

Thanks again. smile

Whenwillwe3meetagain Mon 29-May-17 16:59:14

Sorry but late to this thread. I have PCOS and after a month of using it I was pregnant! I ovulated on day 28- couldn't recommend this highly enough. Used in conjunction with metformin and inositol and have a BMI of 30. This is DC2 for me. Recommend!!

Rockhopper81 Mon 29-May-17 19:22:35

Whenwillwe - amazing news, congratulations!!

I started using it a few days ago (purchased to use following my next period - at the time - and that turned out to be stupidly long in length, hence the delay).

Fingers crossed it shows that I do actually ovulate. I have an appointment with the gynaecologist next week, so hoping he'll prescribe metformin. I'm using up the OPK sticks I have left, still no signs with them.

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