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flossyfloss Mon 24-Apr-17 20:59:01

I'm booked for my 1st acupuncture session next week - I'm really excited. What does it feel like? Is it like going to a massage place?! grinis it relaxing or does it hurt?

Where do they stick the needles?

Iflyaway Mon 24-Apr-17 21:16:43

Good for you on trying acupuncture for infertility. I have heard good things about it about an acupuncturist for fertility issues in Ibiza over 30 years ago. I had some around that time here at home. It was one of the therapies I tried for endometriosis.

Tried everything and don't know what worked, probably a combination of it all, DS is 25 now. Of course I would never say that everything works for everyone! You need to go with your intuition/gut instinct.

The therapist you chose is also very important. I always went on recommendation.

Take a look - google - at meridians, the energy lines throughout the body. They can stick those needles in anywhere! grin

No, it doesn't hurt. Apart from a little pin prick.

I also heard it's good for curing cocaine addiction by the way. But that is not what this thread is about.

Really hope it helps you!

icy121 Tue 25-Apr-17 18:46:59

Opposite for me. I found it stressful leaving work early and rushing to whatever salon/Neals Yard she was renting a room at. We'd do a short consultation at the start, including looking at my tongue and giving me a print off of foods to avoid (peanuts very "dampening" to the chi. Have almond butter instead etc), take a note of my cycle etc. Then she'd put a few needles in (cluster around uterus area, and then a load of random ones) and leave me looking at the ceiling for 25 mins. Felt a lot like woo. I quit after about 10 sessions. £700 was enough to waste on that shit.

I heard a fab doctor on the radio saying that they're called "alternative" therapies because there is no systematic proof they work. Some people who have acupuncture go on to have natural pregnancies. Would they have had a natural pregnancy anyway? Almost certainly.

Try it by all means. If you leave it feeling no better in and about yourself then I'd say sack it off quickly and find something that makes you feel great instead. Which was Shellac, in my case.

DaisyLouB Tue 25-Apr-17 22:24:38

I had acupuncture too when TTC after recurrent miscarriages. The ones placed around my ankles were painful but not anywhere else. I booked a course of 10 sessions, plus some herbs. I didn't particularly enjoy the accupunture, was very wary about the needles in me so found it hard to relax. It was expensive for what it was as the therapist would leave the room for 20 mins while the needles were in. For me I much prefer a massage, so much more relaxing and although I did eventually have a successful pregnancy, I have no idea if that was attributed to these accupuncture sessions I had.

NoImBridgetJones Tue 25-Apr-17 23:40:23

I'm having my third session tomorrow. We're 'unexplained' (though with poor reserve) so my thinking at the moment is if normal medicine doesn't have an answer for me yet then maybe traditional Chinese Medicine does. I'm also taking herbs and doing a full nurtrition and supplement programme at the mo... sometimes I wonder if it's helping, but it can't hurt.

To be honest I don't find the treatment relaxing, I too am wary of the needles. But I'm willing to treat it as some sort of medical procedure that I don't understand and get through it for now. Doesn't hurt as such... Some pinching in a few areas and I jump everytime the needles are tapped into place. The ones in my scalp are weird. The ones in tummy and pelvis tickle slightly. Wrists and ankles were where i felt the pinching. Wear loose clothing, take a few breaths before each needle if nervous. Hope you get something out of it smile

Charlieismydarlin Tue 25-Apr-17 23:41:52

I had it and loved it.

It restarted my periods after a miscarriage when I had retained tissue. I also used it to conceive after my miscarriage. My acupuncturist told me I was pregnant 7 days before I tested.

flossyfloss Wed 26-Apr-17 21:03:10

Thanks everyone it's interesting to hear your stories

I have a cash plan through work so can claim back up to £235 of the acupuncture costs back so I'm going to spend up to that much and see how I feel.

I like the idea of a massage too - think I might book one of those to help me relax!

Colabottles64 Sat 29-Apr-17 17:00:14

I really have no clue why it is relaxing, but I have been doing it for a few weeks and i find it very good for stress. Physically my body is so relaxed and also very tired after each session. I sleep very well after it. I also think it's made a difference to my cervical mucus, I have days of it now and I didn't through the last year. But how?? No clue! I feel my limbs very heavy and my mind very zoned out after it, in a good way.

Hopefully it will help us get our bfp but even without progress on that front yet, I still am finding benefit from it. I think it's very important to find a good reputable therapist though so try to see if they're affiliated or have qualifications xxx

flossyfloss Sat 29-Apr-17 20:14:22

Thanks colabottles

Anything that helps me relax is going to help as I am a bit of a stress head!

The lady I have booked with looks as though she has kids of professional qualifications and is registered with the regulatory body and is also a registered nurse.

Will let you know how it goes, I'm really looking forward to it x

GlummyMummy Mon 08-May-17 21:10:52

Anyone know if it's best to go on the day of transfer or the day before transfer, or does it not make much difference?

user1470147116 Tue 09-May-17 14:12:35

After reading what the NHS says about it I'm booking in 10 sessions throughout IVF:

Good luck!

Lily35 Tue 09-May-17 14:40:16

Hi - jumping in. Great article User - thank you
Glummy - I was told to have acu weekly during stims and then on the day of ET. My acu lady said to have it afterward the transfer as it can stress you out more trying to get to the acu place and fit a session in prior to ET. Some ladies do have it before and after though.

GlummyMummy Tue 09-May-17 18:28:44

Hi, thanks both! Decided to book for the day before ET and then just after, had visions of my car breaking down on way back from acupuncture if I went just before ET!!!!! 😂

BertrandRussell Tue 09-May-17 18:32:38

That NHS article was from 2008. Trials since then have shown that acupuncture has no effect on anything beyond placebo.

Ash75454 Tue 09-May-17 21:54:18

Hi all

I'm having acupuncture done before and after my transfer later this month. The person I'm seeing recommends one within 24 hours before and within a few hours of the transfer. She's very flexible so not so stressed about getting to her after, she said just ring once I was on my way.

Not had it before and have heard lots of conflicting feedback but got to be worth a shot.

Lily35 Mon 15-May-17 16:55:27

I just wanted to jump back on here and say my acu session on Friday lunchtime while I am down regging was amazing.
The needles can twinge me a bit sometimes but I managed to totally relax and she also did Moxibustion on me. That's where they heat this clay cigar thing up and hold it over areas of your body or on the needles to warm them up - she passed it over my stomach area and it felt amazing! It also smelt divine.
I was worried I would feel wiped out for the afternoon (back at work) but I felt refreshed and positive. I have another this Friday too so I hope it has the same effect!

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