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Condoms before downreg?

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meadowlark3 Sat 22-Apr-17 13:35:27

I'm meant to start buserelin next week (day 21) and DH and I haven't been using condoms this month. I thought our consultant said we didn't need to but reading a bit more about buserelin online says it shouldn't be used if any chance of pregnancy as can cause serious birth defects...any thoughts or experience?

Our chance of BFP is slim but I wouldn't want to do anything to harm a potential baby...


Moonandstarsandback Sat 22-Apr-17 14:08:35

There is a risk if you are pregnant and then start DRIng. Buserilin is like putting you in temporary menopause, so quite strong hormones. However, I'm sure you're not the first to do this! Maybe just take an early response test a few days into buserilin taking to double check? Good luck with your cycle. I have a six year old who was miracle IVF baby grin

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