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Endometriosis infertility - what to do...

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fraise005 Tue 18-Apr-17 06:01:00

Hi ladies...
I was diagnosed with endometriosis about 14yo ago and it has been a battle since to get to an ok point (no pain) while having my monthly period. ttc for 11years with no luck and started surrogacy about 2 years ago too.
I would like to share experience and help other women in the same boat. hopefully their case do not get as bad as mine for lack of knowledge.
First you may have endometriosis without knowing it.
Here is how you can suspect it with a high chance that you have it...
VERY, EXTREMELY PAINFUL PERIOD is the first symptom. It seems to be more painful from a month to another. Painful sex can be a very good indicator too. but young lady that experience painful period can be enough to take the action below to confirm themselves.
If you feel these symptoms... your very next move is gluten free foods, no cow milk and no more sugar.
after a full cycle with the diet above if your next period is around 25% or so less painful then it is more likely that you have endo...
There will be a lot to change to your lifestyle to achieve almost a painless period and painless sexual life....
hope this help some and I will answer questions and share experience as questions come along

broodynmoody Wed 19-Apr-17 14:27:41

Thank you OP, a lot of women don't realise they have it. I did think I may have it at one point as sex can be painful but I don't even have to take paracetamol when I have my Flo, and it's gone within 4 days so very unlikely. Have you tried and a lap and dye to remove the endo?

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