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Beta hcg 0 @10dpt.. clinic still wants me to continue medication!

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mms164 Sun 16-Apr-17 10:09:04

So I had a Blastocyst FET this cycle. Usually my previous clinic will ask to test 9dp5dt. However this clinic has asked to test at 12dp5dt. I did a beta hcg today at 10dpt and get a negative beta hcg at 0.81. I don't see a point in continuing the medications however the clinic insists that I continue on the medications for two more days.. am I right to stop everything now?

fraise005 Tue 18-Apr-17 04:58:00

this reply may come a bit late but it is still important to say...
I am not a doctor and I have gone through fertility treatment several time without success and I believe with the rise of the forums and people sharing experience on social media had somewhat influence our trust in our doctors.
If you when to that clinic from a previous one, it was probably because you, either made some research on that clinic or a trusted source recommended it.
So only trust their work and stay positive. They are knowledgeable and they take into account all your test results before advising you. concentrate only on what matters to you: getting pregnant

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