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Aibu to ask my GP for clomid?

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Pohara1 Sun 16-Apr-17 00:34:02


I've had a scan, and my uterus and ovaries look 'good' apparently, hsg showed one tube normal and the other not so normal but not awful. I got my day 21 bloods back and they're terrible so now I know I'm not ovulating. My next gynae appointment isn't until July and they did say that clomid is an option depending on what the bloods showed. However, one of the gps at my Dr's is very nice. I'm not sure I'd necessarily want to see him if I was really sick, but he's very good at letters and prescriptions. Aibu to see him for a clomid prescription or should I just wait for July to get it from the gynae Dr? I did try to get the gynae appointment moved forward as the waiting is driving me crazy. Especially when the gynae doctors told me that I would not be able to have children after a massive mistake on their part five years ago.

EarlGreyT Sun 16-Apr-17 21:28:27

Wait for the gynae appointment.

GPs generally won't prescribe clomid anyway as there are numerous risks associated with taking it. If you take it you are likely to need scans to check that you're taking the right dose and not being over stimulated. I'm not sure what you mean by one tube "not normal but not awful", but I certainly wouldn't recommend you take clomid without your gynaecologist saying so as if one tube isn't patent, by taking clomid you may be risking ectopic pregnancy.

I know the waiting is awful, but you need to wait for the advice of the gynae doctor.

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