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Unsure and no one to talk to...

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Voni2208 Fri 14-Apr-17 15:24:42

Hi ladies. Bit of back story. I've been told several times by several drs that I have pcos. Tried with past partners to have baby but nothing ever happened. Met now-husband, decided to try and miraculously caught on after 3 weeks off the pill. Call her our little miracle baby!! Straightforward pregnancy, but ended up with an emergency section after being in labour (and on the drip) for 3 days and only getting to 5cm...
Anyway, been trying for baby 2 since September 2015. No regular period since having DD. Dr did blood tests in Jan which showed no ovulation at day 21 so prescribed me clomid to take when my next period came... we'll I'm still waiting! I haven't had a period since beginning of Jan. I'm not pregnant as have done atleast 4 pregnancy tests in last 8 weeks which all said negative. Not sure what to do next. I've never been this late before. It's making me paranoid about coming on and leaking through (as I'm normally very heavy).
Not sure if anyone has any advice, but thank you for getting to the bottom of the waffle! Just think I needed a vent as I don't have anyone close enough to talk to about this all to..

mms164 Fri 14-Apr-17 15:59:06

You will need progesterone to induce your period.. then depending on your day 2-3 hormone tests the doctor can decide on the severity of your pics and whether you are able to ovulate on your own or need ovulation induction.

Voni2208 Fri 14-Apr-17 16:04:58

I've been given clomid for after I come on my period but I haven't had a period since beginning of January. Although I'm not regular, the longest I've ever gone between is 8 weeks so this is very unusual for me. Keep having slight twinges and think I'm guna be coming on but nothing ever comes of it. Wasn't sure if the Dr would be able to help or suggest any further tests or if I'd just get told to 'wait and see' kinda thing confused

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