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Autumn0909 Thu 13-Apr-17 17:01:57

Hi all
DH and I visited the doctors recently as we've been TTC for 12 months with no success. The issue that DH had mumps as a child came up. I didn't know this, nor did I know that it can cause low sperm count and, at worse, infertility. Has anybody else had this issue? How likely is it? I'm incredibly worried now as it appears that I'm ovulating each month (I have regular cycles) so it would make sense for this be the issue.

dementedpixie Thu 13-Apr-17 17:06:48

I thought it was more of an issue if you got mumps as an adult and the testicles swelled. My brother thought he couldn't have children due to mumps in his early 20s (also caused deafness in one of his ears) but he and his ex ended up with a surprise baby

dementedpixie Thu 13-Apr-17 17:08:28 talks about problems in men getting mumps after puberty

JoJoSM2 Sat 15-Apr-17 11:11:43

I think you'll need a lot of other tests to find what the problem(s) are. For example, I'm very healthy with super test results and periods like clockwork. It turned out that my infertility is due to having antibodies that attack the membrane around the eggs...

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