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Reasons for spotting after FET!!

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mms164 Mon 10-Apr-17 10:47:15

So I'm currently in the 2ww. This is my first FET though we had many Fresh cycles before but all ended in a BFN.  I had 3 blastocyst transfer last Thursday April 6th which make me now 4dp5dt. I had pink spotting few hours after the transfer which I assmued was due to the ET. But again had bright pink spotting yesterday and I'm using all the progesterone rectally (plus IM injectables) so I'm pretty sure nothing could've injured my cervics this time.. I'm trying to stay positive and think it's implantation bleeding but what other reasons could it be? There is no bleeding today.. some cramping but it's not yet time for AF

OstrichRunning Mon 10-Apr-17 10:56:59

Hi mms164, I've read that it can be due to implantation (so may be a good sign) but that doesn't always happen and it doesn't always mean that. Sorry, that's not very useful, but I wanted to reply. Can you call your clinic and ask them?

I'm on the 2ww too, finding it so difficult not to spend the day googling symptoms etc, instead of working.

Anyway, best of luck


OstrichRunning Mon 10-Apr-17 11:00:10

Meant to say too, I also had cramping for a couple of days too (about 3 days after transfer of a 5 day blastocyte). That can be a good sign too, but then they say that the hormone treatment can cause symptoms so it's best not to get hopes up too high (or down too low). I'm trying to stay busy ...


mms164 Mon 10-Apr-17 11:07:57

Yeah I too can't help but spend the whole of the 2ww googling up symptoms..
I know the symptoms I'm having now are positive but I'm just too scared to put my hopes up high.. I went into sever depression after every failed cycle and I think I'm more scared about that now and trying not to have high hopes.. this is too difficult and stressful for me and no matter how many time I had to go through it I still can't get used to it.. everytime feels like it's my first

OstrichRunning Mon 10-Apr-17 11:49:58

I know, and I know it's poor consolation but the only thing I find helps is getting absorbed in work or if not work something else. Anything else! Can you plan a couple of (relaxed) things to do maybe? Being busy makes the time pass more quickly and that's the most important thing right now! The hardest part is definitely trying to keep a lid on hope while waiting. No fair. I hope you've not got too much more waiting to do.

BeePositive Mon 10-Apr-17 14:13:04

I know the feeling OstrichRunning & mms164 - that 2ww is so hard not to be totally obsessed, while trying to act like you aren't thinking about it ALL THE TIME and you need to focus on normal daily life and work. And any symptom you wonder if it's something towards a BFP. Unfortunately I had pink spotting after my first fresh cycle in early days, I think it was more around the EC and ET. But they do say some spotting can be implantation bleeding indeed. So fingers crossed. I'm in middle of my 2nd cycle, FET this time. ET hopefully next week if my scans this week go well. Not looking forward to the 2ww that follows that, but then you're that much closer to knowing the results.

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