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Referral for IVF - what to expect and when

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DaddysGirl36 Fri 07-Apr-17 19:36:19

Hi all

I've got a few queries about IVF, tried to look at other threads but can't find any answers to them (if there are any).

I'm having some further fertility tests but the Consultant said that it is likely I will be referred for IVF at my next visit which is end of May. We need the workup complete so I can't be referred now. I have been told that from the start of referral to getting a first date for treatment could be 18 weeks (North East England and this is good apparently?).

I am wondering if:

(a) Is it realistic to think that we could be seen in or before this timescale?

(b) would going private for initial appt speed things up in terms of being offered treatment? (switch back to NHS to get treatment)

(c) I have a wedding booked next August, is it going to be easy or difficult to try and plan around this (unsure if you get the option/choice and we really don't want to turn down cycles). This is why I am anxious about timings

broodynmoody Fri 14-Apr-17 11:05:48

Hi Daddysgirl

a) it totally depends if theres cancellations or not. If there is, they send you a letter of your new earlier appointment. I got put on the list in November and had my top of the waiting list in Feburary.
b)I had private tests done and yes it does speed things up, it depends what the nature of your infertility is, if they have found it. If they need you to do more tests, such as hycosy to check tubes and so on. I had a hycosy done privately, it does speed things up. So once you go to NHS appointment, youll have done the fertility tests and they'll put you on the list.
c)planning holidays etc when your going through a lot is a nightmare. Were having no abroad holiday and cant book anything for the next year. Its hard to predict about next August because you don't where you are yet in terms of treatment. You might need a laparoscopy, hysteroscopy might want to trial you on fertility meds and if that doesn't work, it will be IVF. Then if the IVf doesn't work first time round, then it around 6 month for a new fresh cycle, or 3 month if you have any left over and do a frozen transfer. And either one could fall on the wedding time.
like you say, you don't want to turn down cycles, believe me or any NHS funding while its still available. smile

DaddysGirl36 Sat 15-Apr-17 15:32:25

Thank you for your response broodynmoody

I have already had lap and dye which showed a blocked tube. The further tests are to check for any clotting or blood disorder that caused my previous MCs. But once they are back and if normal, they are referring us for IVF

We are not going to book any holidays abroad but ideally would like to either have a baby or be early pregnant at the time of the wedding, which I know we can't plan or guarantee but it's playing on my mind in the sense that I can't plan anything wedding related yet. We have booked venue but can change the date free of charge once, we don't want to book suppliers in case this is not an option. If we could do anything to speed this up i.e. go private for initial IVF appt then we would do that

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