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Aberdeen fertility clinic experiences

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Blondiecub0109 Fri 07-Apr-17 15:43:31


Has anyone got through investigations and IVF with Aberdeen Fertility clinic at ARI?we have just started in our journey but so far have found them ... well, unprofessional and disorganised. We have filled out the same paperwork multiple times. At first referral dr was screaming in my face about how my gp should not have shared test results and was not qualified to interpret them (ummm, the gp initially ordered the bloods)

Although it's early days our issue looks like low sperm count.

We've considered going privately but are lead to believe only private provision in Grampian is to pay Aberdeen to be ineffiecient slightly faster. I can't afford time off work to go down to the central belt. Also with Scotland moving towards 3 cycles, it seems a lot of tries to turn our nose up at?!

Thanks xx

SanFranDreaming Sat 08-Apr-17 13:36:01

I have no experience in Aberdeen, but I do know that dundee has a fantastic reputation (not from my experience but someone I know). I am not sure if you could get NHS there if you are uncomfortable about how you have been managed up to now?
The only thing I have really learned is that you have to be quite pushy to get the right treatment for you. It is not my personality to be like that, but you have to fight!
Wishing you success

Longleggedlovely Sun 09-Apr-17 21:23:40

Blondiecub, I may be wrong (and I hope I am as no-one has been able to confirm this for me in the central belt, hospital nor MSP) however I am told that the 3 IVF cycles is just for new referrals from your GP post 1/4/17 so if you were referred prior to this you will be entitled to two cycles. I have repeatedly asked for a copy of the NHS policy and there is not one, I have also contacted my MSP and all I have been given is the press statement hmm so it appears to be headlines rather than current practice. Perhaps cynically, but my view is that this means the money will not require to be spent by the government for at least a further 2/3 years by the time those referrals post 1/4/17 are at the stage of IVF round 3.

My experience of central belt is also that they are highly inefficient, an appointment at 8am means you'll probably be seen around 9.30am. I feel unable to complain as we are made to feel lucky that we are having this treatment however if I left a client waiting for 1.5hours I wouldn't have a job any longer.... That said they do report good results and in the most the staff are friendly and apologetic for wait times. We are hanging everything on our two rounds of IVF after 3 IUI having failed.

Apologies, this ended up being a long post and I don't have any specific advice re Aberdeen! Good luck with your journey, it's bloody hard but fingers crossed it's worth it for both of us smileflowers

Blondiecub0109 Mon 10-Apr-17 06:14:50

Thanks sanfran and long ... this info is super helpful

I concur with being pushy, we are both professionals but go to pieces in the consulting room. I'm actually going to try and find out if it's possible for my mum to come in with us as an advocate b/c we didn't get a good answer to any questions last time.

Long it looks like you are right re not immediate switch to 3 cycles, Info in Aberdeen website does not specify a date but says they will consider the change in next year ... interestingly they are also considering a male bmi condition as well confused. Best wishes to you both

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