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testing out booster/trigger warning

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camrywagon Fri 07-Apr-17 05:15:37

This might be a bit of a silly thread really but i know I've spent many hours searching for the elusive answer to when to test after triggers/boosters...

Apparently it would seem traces can still be in system a lot longer than you'd think! I'm 16dpo today and bt showed hcg of 2 BUT frer still picking up faint line. Also yesterday cb digi had me at 1-2 weeks pregnant (which would be15dpo and 8days past booster).

I had ovulation induction so 5000 pregnyl trigger then 1500 booster 4 and 7dpo.

Anyways, period arrived bang on 14dpo so onwards and upwards to next set of injections in a month or so (when we can save enough bloody money confused)

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