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Could my FSH level be affected by IVF?

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Smiler88 Wed 05-Apr-17 17:33:44

Hi all,

Last month I had IVF which didn't result in a pregnancy. This month I had my FSH levels measured on day 3 of my cycle and they've jumped from 10 in December to 15! I'm 28 with a low AMH and my GP was really vague and said, "it could be bad, but they do vary each month." So not much clarity there!

I'm just wondering if having all the hormones from IVF the month before could muck up my FSH result and I should ignore it, or if its a really bad sign? :/ Hoping to have IVF next month too I'm hoping that won't affect it. Has anyone else had a FSH leap after IVF experience?

Please help!

broodynmoody Wed 05-Apr-17 22:19:02

I have no experience with a FSH leap after IVF but I know anything from 9/10 and above is not supposed to be good. The higher the score means the harder your body is working to ovulate

Chattycat78 Thu 06-Apr-17 14:14:21

I don't know about the ivf thing either, but as previous poster says, a above 10 suggests your body is having to work too hard to ovulate. Your gp is right that the Numbers can change every month, BUT you should take the highest reading as the accurate one. In other words, the situation isn't improving if you get a lower reading. It sounds like this isn't a surprise to you if you have low amh anyway.

Don't panic though- i have low amh too (fsh was 12, age 34) and I've had babies both naturally and through ivf since then! Egg quality is the most important thing by far!

Smiler88 Thu 06-Apr-17 14:25:19

Thanks for your replies. Well I'm hoping to do ivf again next month because whether it's heightened or not, I figure there's no time to lose! I've read taking wheatgrass is meant to lower levels. Does anyone know if that's right?

Chattycat78 Thu 06-Apr-17 14:39:17

Yeah Iv e read it. Wheatgrass tastes utterly terrible though (I tried it too) and tbh I'm not sure what benefit there is to be gained in lowering your Fsh. All fsh means is that you are running out of eggs. Lowering your fsh won't mean that you suddenly get any more eggs (if that makes sense).

If I were you, I'd start focussing on improving your egg quality. Take uniquinol - that's your best bet. Less caffeine and booze. Maybe consider acupuncture. There's also a book you can get about improving eww quality. it's called it starts with the egg.

FamilySpartan Thu 06-Apr-17 14:48:11

Hi, I didn't have IVF but started the testing process.

First test my FSH was 15. I was told this made me a likely 'non responder' to stims and I wasn't a good candidate. This seemed pretty devastating, esp after some Googling.

We decided to consult a fertility expert who ran all the tests again. This time my FSH was 10. He told me that FSH is not as important as other factors like AMH, and although it indicated that your ovaries were working hard, he would have rendered me a lost cause with a FSH level of 15.

Your FSH will fluctuate every month. Don't panic about a reading of 15, especially as you're having cycles reading 10. If 15 was your very lowest then maybe you would have cause for concern. Good luck!

FamilySpartan Thu 06-Apr-17 14:48:57

Oops! He wouldn't have rendered me a lost cause, I meant.

Chattycat78 Thu 06-Apr-17 14:55:01

Do you know what your amh is OP?

Like I say though- I was horrified when my fsh was 12, but I've been pregnant 3 times since then
(2 live births).

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