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Egg sharing - we are looking to donate - how long have people waited?

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ambergemma Sun 02-Apr-17 15:13:17

Hi all,

We have been registered to share 50% of our eggs since the 3rd January and so far have not been matched to a couple. We are a same sex couple desperate to start our own family but decided that part of our journey would be to try and help others who could not naturally conceive. We both want to experience carrying our babies so we have decided that my partner will carry first as she is slightly older (34) and I will carry second as I am 27. We know and appreciate in the grand scheme of thing we have not been waiting very long but want to know that we have done everything possible to start our family journey. If anyone out there is looking for a donation please get in touch - we are currently with London Women's clinic in Darlington. We are both free of medical issues, healthy weight and 5ft 10 and 5ft 6.5.

Hopefully we will be writing soon to say we have been matched (smile)

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