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Emma30713 Fri 24-Mar-17 15:31:25

Hi there AV had three mc since June, 2 weeks ago I got a positive pregnancy test on the Monday but on the Wednesday I started spitting (dark brown colour) this continued through the weekend and on the Tuesday morning I took another 2 tests and got strong positives but later that day the bleeding turned red and heavy at this point I just assumed I was having another mc and decided to just let it take its course without going to gp or epu mainly because i really couldn't face going for a scan to know what they were going to tell me again the bleeding continued red period like for 3 days and today is calmed down and went back to the dark brown colour but since the spotting started I have had really bad pain in my right side and low down on and off today this got quite bad at my side so I phoned the gp couldn't get an app so she phoned me she said she was worried it was ectopic and wanted me to have a scan today and she was phoning them to get me down, an hour later I got a call from the epu saying my doctor had left a voicemail with my name and number after I explained what was happening with me she seemed very dismissive and said it couldn't be an ectopic because I don't have a history of it? Told me not to worry about the bleeding as it's back to brown and as for the pain in my right side to take paracetamol every 4 hours! She didn't even seem satisfied that I was having a mc but all my pregnancy symptoms are away I just feel so confused and don't really know what to do now am so sorry for this long post and if this isn't in the right place am new to this so please tell me If AV done anything wrong I just feel so alone now and not sure what to doconfused

Emma30713 Fri 24-Mar-17 15:33:58

Spotting* not spitting ha

AnneLovesGilbert Fri 24-Mar-17 15:38:43

I'd call the EPU and ask their advice, they'll be much more helpful than the GP, even if they don't want to see you.

I saw this pop up in active. You might want to report the post and ask MNHQ to move it to the Miscarriage board.

Sorry for your losses flowers

meadowlark3 Fri 24-Mar-17 16:57:49

Sorry you are going through this. You should walk into an EPU now to make sure it is not ectopic. If you have had a positive pregnancy test, are having bleeding, and especially one-sided pain, you need to be seen as soon as possible for a scan to make sure it is not ectopic. Please go to A&E now.

Please let us know how you get on. flowers

Mummy30713 Fri 24-Mar-17 18:29:37

Hi thanks for your comments doctor has just phoned me back to ask how I got on and wasn't happy when I told her what epu said she said she wanted me to have scan today that's why she phoned them and has advised me to go to a&e so just waiting on my partner getting home from work and heading down.

Ps this is emma30713 who started this just diff username smile

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