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Varying AFC

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Hobbes39 Thu 23-Mar-17 10:52:04

Hi all, just wondering if anyone else has had widely varying Antral follicle counts? I'm getting a bit down about it all, but basically going through our 2nd round of IVF (last round was Nov/Dec) and my follicle counts seem to go up and down quite a bit. Last time, before I started treatment I had one doc scan me and I had 7 follicles in total, then another scan said I had 13, then at my baseline scan I had 14, then only 6 follicles grew, (5 eggs retrieved). This time, I had a scan before I started down regging and doc counted 9 in total, just had baseline scan and different doc counted 3-4 each side, so maximum of 8 sad. My AMH is 15.4. What is going on? Is it just different docs counting differently? I don't know how I can go from 7-13-14-9-8 in the space of 4 months... anyone else had this? Anyone had only 6-8 follicles at baseline and had a good result?? Thanks x

Chattycat78 Thu 23-Mar-17 14:49:28

Yes. I had a baseline scan showing only 6 follicles. When it came to it, 4 grew, 2 eggs, 1 embryo, 1 bfp. grin

AFC can vary month to month I believe. Don't forget that egg quality is massively more important than numbers. You need just one good one to create a pregnancy.

Hobbes39 Thu 23-Mar-17 18:15:38

Thanks chattycat - that's good to hear. smile congratulations! I feel so despondent about it all as while we are 'unexplained' I think the explanation is basically I'm old (40 tomorrow!) so last time the embryos we got weren't great quality so we didn't have quantity or quality on our side. I'm desperately hoping that there are lots of follicles that will jump into action with my higher dose of stims this time.. I was sure I could see more than he counted!

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