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First appointment at fertility clinic coming up...what to expect

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Bows85 Fri 17-Mar-17 21:31:18

I have been referred to the gynaecology dept at our local fertility clinic (NHS) and just hoping for some advice about what is likely to happen.
We've been referred because of my long, irregular cycles (ranging from 31-51 days, and they seem to be getting longer each cycle).
From OPKs and tracking bbt, I do appear to be ovulating (waiting for blood test results to confirm this) but my luteal phase is only 9/10 days.
I've had a pelvic ultrasound which pretty much ruled out PCOS - I don't have any of the symptoms other than irregular cycles and scan showed that everything was "normal".
DH was referred for semen analysis and made his deposit this morning, so we'll hopefully get his results at a GP appointment a week on Monday.
Does anyone have any advice for me as to what might happen at our appointment?
Thanks smile

toffeepuddin Sat 18-Mar-17 22:46:07

Hi OP. So you have been referred from the GP to the gynaecology department in hospital? In this case, they will look at your blood tests and scan results from your GP and see what the next step is. Whether that is, a hycosy to test tubes etc or clomid if your not ovulating regularly. Depending what they find they will refer you for the relevant treatment whether clomid or a laparscopy. If it comes back all clear and you have unexplained infertility and you have been trying for 2 years (like myself) then they will put you on the IVF waiting list.
It totally depends on what your gynaecologist finds and recommends. Good luck OP

Bows85 Sun 19-Mar-17 14:47:58

Thanks for the reply @toffeepuddin

Yeah, I've been referred to gynae department which is in the fertility centre. We're not at the two year mark yet but it's good to know what might happen in the future if we get inconclusive results.

It sounds like you've had a long journey to get to where you're at so I bet you're pleased to get your IVF referral. Good luck with it, I hope you have some happy news soon smile

toffeepuddin Sun 19-Mar-17 16:23:57

grinI hope so too. It's been a long journey yes, but I did save time by getting my tubes tested and I tried clomid privately. It costs but it did save time once I had my NHS referal. At this point they will do their investigations and see if anything comes up. Good luck

Bows85 Sun 19-Mar-17 21:02:41

Do you mind me asking how much your private treatment cost @toffeepuddin? I would hate for us to have to wait weeks and weeks on NHS if we could potentially get something quicker privately...

flyingallison Mon 03-Jul-17 13:26:51

Hi ladies - I am brand new to this site. My husband and I are desperate for a baby but haven't been trying for too long as I had a wedding dress to fit into. I last had contraception in jan 2015 where I had depo injection, which I only had once, nothing since - just used the good old pull out method as condoms are horrible. I have been to doctors a few times over last few months as my periods since December have been VERY irregular (previously they were fine) and after numerous blood tests she has discovered my progesterone levels are alarmingly low I also have fibroids on my uterus (on outside not inside). So here I am being referred to a fertility clinic (im 38 years old hence why she has pushed it forward) I understand that Clomid you guys are talking about is for ovulation - but apparently I am ovulating so don't think that would do anything for me. has any one has low progesterone levels? My husband has to go for sperm analysis on Monday and then we both have an appointment the following Monday for results and then to do whatever they will do for me........any help/advise welcome xx

flyingallison Mon 03-Jul-17 13:30:17

ps also interested to know when the financial implication of IVF etc comes into things. my hubby has children from a previous relationships so we wont qualify for free help - all of the chlomid/dye testing etc......are these covered under NHS still? is it only when you need to look at actually IVF that its starts to cost???? thanks in advance

TryingToStayRational Mon 03-Jul-17 21:26:30

flyingallison Welcome. I'm sure others who might have more relevant experiences will be along soon, but just to reassure you that you will be entitled to investigations on the NHS. Best of luck for your appointment smile

physicskate Mon 03-Jul-17 21:39:26

Just had my first appointment with the fertility clinic today. Had an ultrasound which showed polycystic ovaries... ov she bloods needed to check for pcos. Not sure whether to be devastated or overjoyed that there may be an explanation for the difficulty... feeling conflicted!

Now waiting for blood orders to come through (gp less than useless so have had nothing at all before today). Dh had to give his sample in too...

Finally things are happening. Next appt in about 6-7 weeks where we'll come up with some sort of plan...

cherryontopp Mon 03-Jul-17 22:44:10

I have had private tests while on the BUS waiting list. Initial consultation £150 which included ultrasound and sperm analysis. £350 for hycosy test for my tubes, and around £150 a month for Clomid cycles with an ultrasound.
It did quicken things up a he'll of a lot with the NHS. We were put straight on the list for IVF. That's what takes so long on NHS is the investigations. Once your referred for IVF it goes quite quickly.

cherryontopp Mon 03-Jul-17 22:44:32

NHS list** not BUSblush

flyingallison Tue 04-Jul-17 07:41:10

Thanks very much. It's all a bit daunting isn't it x

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