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Ovarian Drilling

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user1476994074 Thu 16-Mar-17 22:04:15

Has anyone had this done? I'm scheduled to have this in 3 months and have no idea what to expect. Did it regulate your periods? I have quite extensive PCOS. Thanks

user1476994074 Thu 16-Mar-17 22:04:44

Ultimately OD has been recommended as clomid has stopped working.

Silverdream Thu 16-Mar-17 22:18:30

I had it done many years ago so it may have changed slightly since then.
It made a huge difference to me. They took away several cysts and drilled holes. Skin cleared up, lost weight and 6 months later I was pregnant.
Felt uncomfortable for a day after and had trapped wind but that's all.
I hope it is as successful for you.

icy121 Tue 21-Mar-17 08:59:23

I've had this. It didn't work in so far as I went on to need ivf, but glad I had it anyway. My consultant found I had a blocked tube and widespread endometriosis which he sapped away whilst in there, so who know whether clearing all of that up helped with successful FET (had a freeze all IVF cycle due to OHSS - oh PCOS, the syndrome that keeps on giving!)

In terms of recovery, I had the lap on the Friday, and was back at work on Monday. To be honest I was only pain free by the weds, but I was 2 weeks into a new job so just sucked it up. Codeine and walk very slowly. Was very swollen afterwards, but that was due to the extent of bruising caused by endo removal.

The drilling should take about 15 mins but I was down for 45 as he was doing the rest.

I would 100% have this operation in your shoes; it might mean you can avoid IVF, which would be obviously ideal. Professor Robert Winston recommends this for all PCOS women who are struggling as the procedure to do prior to going down the ivf route - most people don't get to try it, NHS pushes them straight to ivf.

Have you been prescribed metformin too? Ask your consultant about it, as t can be used off-label to promote fertility. flowers and good luck.

someblondegirl Thu 23-Mar-17 21:14:18

I also had ovarian drilling last year. Really similar to pp's experience in that they also found a blocked tube and 3 sites of endometriosis which were zapped.

I was in and out within a few hours. Uncomfortable for a few days after with a massive blown up belly which took about 3/4 days to go down, but it was absolutely fine. Discomfort rather than pain, I think the worst bit was the shoulder pain from the trapped air, but totally worth it as I fell pregnant a few months after the procedure. Whether it was the drilling, the tube, the endo or another factor, I can't say. But after 18 months of trying it finally happened and currently sporting a massive swollen belly again!

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